US Navy SEAL David Rutherford on Building Self-Confidence: “Every Single Day You Have a Choice.”

In this awesome video, Navy SEAL David Rutherford of Frog Logic lays out the 8 easy steps–missions–to generating self-confidence.

What have you found that generates self-confidence for you?

What would you add to his list?

Do you agree with him?

What are your methods?

Mission 1 Positive attitude. Every single day you wake up you have a choice

Mission 2 PT and be Healthy. You have to respect your body and mind. Read books and explore what is out there.

Mission 3 – Motivate Yourself. You must have motivation to be excited to learn

Mission 4 – Earn Respect. You dont deserve respect – do that through your actions and your humility. You must live that every day.

Mission 5 – Set Goals. You must have a definitive direction to go.  Waking up on time to set daily discipline. You must create a path for yourself.

Mission 6 – Integrity. Are you living the right way? You live with confidence if you are living the right way. What is right and wrong. Allows you to accept those truths in your life.

Mission 7 – Find a mentor. You dont know everything. Even if your a 108 year old Buddhist monk Every day is a day to explore and learn.

Mission 8 – Have Fun! You must have fun and love living!

Let us know your feedback in the comments below!

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