US Navy SEAL David Rutherford on How to Keep Your Motivation: “Live With Integrity.”

Motivate your Monday with David Rutherford in this awesome video where he talks about how if you can accept “living the right way is the tough way”–that’s where the greatness begins.

How do you recognize when you’re not living with integrity?

How do you motivate yourself to stay on the “tough way” when others around you don’t?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Question: I really like your site and your Facebook posts. They’ve been keeping me going. But lately I’m having a real hard time. My aunt’s house burned down in the Eagle Creek fire in Oregon.

I used to go there for my summers when I was a kid and all that’s gone. My grandmother’s house got flooded out in Hurricane Harvey and my best friend’s in southern Florida where Irma’s hitting.

I’m going through a divorce but I feel like all my problems aren’t important because of what everyone else is going through. I’m struggling to get things in perspective. How do I deal with all of this?

Answer: Yes, there’s a lot going on everywhere, and sometimes it can be hard to deal. Check out this article–What WILL Matter.

Question: Thanks for your awesome site.

I’ve signed up for your 180 day strength program and I’m already seeing results.

Your coaches have been great about giving me substitutions as I’m kind of new to all this.

I’m noticing my hands are getting real tired during workouts.

How can I avoid this?

Answer: Glad to hear you’re liking the program!

This article should help: 10 Tips to Increase Grip Strength.


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