Somali Pirates vs American Contractors

Check out these Somali pirates coming straight at a merchant ship in the open seas.

They get way more than they bargained for as they thought it was going to be another unarmed ship.

The contractors light their @ss up with multiple rounds and it is surprising that the pirates get in so close.

But that is all the better as the bad guys eat lead for breakfast.

This type o piracy is prevalent off the coast of Somalia occurs in the Gulf of Aden, Guardafui Channel and Somali Sea, and in Somali territorial waters. It has brought a troubled history to this part of the world.


The issue of Somali pirates targeting ships passing through the waters off the coast of Somalia has posed a grave threat to international maritime trade and security for years. This problem is rooted in a complex web of factors, including Somalia’s prolonged state of instability, lack of effective governance, economic desperation, and the strategic importance of the region’s shipping lanes. One of the fundamental issues is the absence of a stable and functioning government in Somalia, which has created a power vacuum that pirate groups have exploited. With no central authority to enforce law and order, these criminal organizations have been able to operate with relative impunity.

Somali piracy is driven in part by economic factors. Many coastal communities in Somalia suffer from extreme poverty, and piracy has become an attractive means of financial survival for some. The prospect of substantial ransom payments from hijacked ships has lured individuals into this illegal activity. Additionally, the ease of access to small boats and weapons in the region has facilitated piracy operations. The pirates typically use skiffs launched from “mother ships” to approach and board larger vessels, often taking crews hostage for ransom.

To combat Somali piracy, international efforts have been put in place, including the deployment of naval task forces, such as the Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150) and the European Union Naval Force (EU NAVFOR), which patrol the region to deter pirate attacks. Shipowners have also adopted best management practices, such as the use of armed guards, secure transit corridors, and increased reporting and communication, to enhance vessel security. While these measures have been successful in reducing piracy incidents in the area, the underlying issues of instability and economic desperation in Somalia persist, making it essential for the international community to continue supporting efforts to bring stability and governance to the region and address the root causes of piracy.

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