The Military Gets its Steve McQueen on With Stealth Motorcycles

The Christini AWD 450, Military Edition

The military is now equipped with a motorbike both Batman and Steve McQueen (an avid motorcyclist and collector of bikes) would admire. With a street-legal pack approved by the EPA and CARB (California Air Resources Board), you, too can ride this bike and reenact McQueen’s great escape.

The Christini 300 and 450 is the fastest all-road gas and electric dirt bike on the market, and is capable of running on unleaded, avgas, JP8 and diesel. Only taking 2-4 hours for the bike’s battery to charge, and can also power/recharge laptops and tablets. It can hop from 0-60 in 3.3 seconds; its top speed is 70 mph.

Check out this awesome video with Christini demonstrating its bike.

The bike weighs 250 lbs and can go 100 miles between fuelings; in electric mode, the only sound is from the tires, and has been in use for several years by SOF troops in all branches of the military–such as the Air Force’s CCTs (Combat Controlers; often known as “ground pounders”).

A CCT will toss a bike (with its own parachute) from the back of a plane, then follow it (a role known as a “bike chaser”.)

The US Military has used motorcycles since World War I, starting with the Indian Powerplug Big Twin, introduced in 1916. When the United States announced its entry into the war, all Indian manufacturing went towards providing the military with its motorcycles.

Indian Powerplug Big Twin, c. 1916

Another popular motorcycle used in WWI, the Harly-Davidson Model 17F/J, introduced in 1917.

Steve McQueen’s bike from The Great Escape, a TT Social 650 Triumph.

Neither the Christini 300 or 450 come with their own bada** soundtracks to power you through your own ride through the countryside as you elude bad guys, or cables you can eject to flip a semi (like Bruce Wayne’s Bat Pod in The Dark Knight). We’re hoping, however, the next models will have those features.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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