The Raid on Osama Bin-Laden

It never grows old hearing the news of the day SEAL Team Six shot Osama Bin-laden in the face.

Check out the info on this raid and how it was pulled off like clockwork.

Some people still think that Bin-laden is alive but cannot say exactly where he is.

What do you think? Post up your comments below.

Question: Coach Brad; do you have a workout series to help me train to be in Special Forces?

Answer: Yes; check out the Freak Frogman workout Ebook.

I wrote this book for my son Dane as he wanted to know how he should train to get ready for BUDS training.

I went through BUDS the first time and trained the wrong way and failed out.

I changed up my workouts completely and passed the second time around.

If I were going to BUDS next month this is exactly how I would train.

Question: Coach Brad; what protein powder do you use to pack on lean muscle?

Answer: First I try to eat a balanced diet and add in a lot of fresh chicken and lean meats.  After a hard workout I use a big heaping scoop of Ascent Protein  to help me recover quicker and build lean muscle.

It is super easy to mix up in a glass of milk, doesn’t clump and goes down good. It is a great value in price for a high quality protein.

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