US Navy Special Forces Zooming Around Middle East Waters in Stealth Boat

Known as the CCA Mk. 1, the boat has a stealth design (technically “low-observable”). The hull is made from composite material  and is powered by a pair of high performance engines that can operate in a manner that makes them difficult to detect, even close to the shore.

The craft mall enough to air drop from U.S. Air Force C-17s directly into a body of water, in a manner similar to the  Naval Special Warfare community’s 36-foot rigid-hull inflatable boats (RHIB), demonstrated in the video below.


The US Navy has reportedly purchased the CCA Mk. 1 for use on medium-range missions where the insertion or extraction of special forces operators. Because of the low-detection design of the engines and hull, it can also be used to secretly conduct surveillance along coastlines.

According to reports, it is likely that the Navy will be updating and further using its fleet of stealth boats some time after 2020, and there are already design plans for a a CCA Mk. 2.

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