Watch as the US Navy Phalanx CIWS Gatling Gun Fires

Watch as the US Navy executes a live fire of their Phalanx CIWS (pronounced “sea wiz” and stands for “Close-In Weapon System”) Gatling gun. Designed by General Dynamics, the CIWS works as a defense against anti-ship missles–and fires like the A-10 Gatling gun on steroids.

The CIWS is used on nearly every class combat ship in the US Navy. It’s also used by US Coast Guard, the British Royal Navy, and navies of 16 other allied nations.

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QUESTION: I want to start training now for BUD/S and I got Bates 922 for running.  What type of military issued pants I should be using so I can get a feel of what it’slike running on a beach with the correct gear?

ANSWER: You can get military BDUs for cheap at any Army/Navy store.



QUESTION: I’m 45 years old and starting my own business, plus I am already in good shape, would your 180-day program still be beneficial for me? Thank you so much again for sending me the link.

ANSWER: Yes, it will help with mental toughness as well as general physical strength. Just don’t follow the meal plan designed for a 20 year old looking to put on 20lbs. We also offer full support so if you need to scale a workout or have a specific question, just hit us up on Facebook.




We often get the question of what a good protein powder to purchase would be.

Here at SGPT we use and recommend Ascent Protein. Makes for a great pre-workout meal, and the packs make it easy to carry on a ruck.




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