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True Nutrition Protein review by GymRat
I have been around this sport for a while and involved in supplements in one way or another for even longer and as many of you know trying to find a consistently good source for supplements at a decent price is tough.

A couple of months ago I tried out True Protein in the states. I was after a custom blend of amino acids and seeing that they had just added theri custom mix option I was keen to try it out.
My intra-workout blend is:
50% BCAA’s
30% Creatine Monohydrate
15% Citrulline Malate
5% L Luecine

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No secrets, just a very effective formula. I tried to find places here in Aus who could do this but needed a minimum of 100kg per flavour!
TP allowed me to mix and match and get as little as a pound of each flavour which was great so I can rotate through pretty often. They had tons of flavours so I got a selection. Ones Ive tried and liked were fruit punch, wild berry, choc mint and may fav was watermelon.

Im not sponsored by TP (in my dreams!) but have found them to be great to deal with. Shipping was a touch expensive to Aus but still worked a ton cheaper than getting the ingredients locally. The quality was great,very fine powder and tasted great.
I got almost 12 months worth for myself recently and am almost out already because all my mates are using it too now!

Question: Do you have any reviews from forums? Yes; check out the info above to get the info you need.

Question: What do you think about True Nutrition vs Progenex? Both are good products. I would try both products and see which one works best for you.

Question: How can I find out more info on bodybuilding? Check out the IFBB website here:

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