Convict Conditioning 2 EBook Review by Coach Paul Wade

Convict Conditioning 2 EBook Review by Coach Paul Wade

“Paul teaches us how to strengthen our bodies with the simplest of movements while at the same time balancing our structures in the same way: simple exercises that work the whole body. And just as simply as he did with his first book. His novel approach to stretching and mobility training is brilliant and fresh as well as his take on recovery and healing from injury. Sprinkled throughout the entire book are too-many-to-count insights and advice from a man who has come to his knowledge the hard way and knows exactly of what he speaks.
This book is, as was his first, an amazing journey into the history of physical culture disguised as a book on calisthenics. But the thing that Coach Wade does better than any before him is his unbelievable progressions on EVERY EXERCISE and stretch! He breaks things down and tells us EXACTLY how to proceed to get to whatever level of strength and development we want. AND gives us the exact metrics we need to know when to go to the next level.
Adding in completely practical and immediately useful insights into nutrition and the mindset necessary to deal not only with training but with life, makes this book a classic that will stand the test of time.
Bravo Coach Wade, Bravo.”

“I’ve been lifting weights for over 50 years and have trained in the martial arts since 1965. I’ve read voraciously on both subjects, and written dozens of magazine articles and many books on the subjects. This book and Wade’s first, Convict Conditioning, are by far the most commonsense, information-packed, and result producing I’ve read. These books will truly change your life.

Paul Wade is a new and powerful voice in the strength and fitness arena, one that is commonsense, inspiring, and in your face. His approach to maximizing your body’s potential is not the same old hackneyed material you find in every book and magazine piece that pictures steroid-bloated models screaming as they curl weights. Wade’s stuff has been proven effective by hard men who don’t tolerate fluff. It will work for you, too—guaranteed.

As an ex-cop, I’ve gone mano-y-mano with ex-cons that had clearly trained as Paul Wade suggests in his two Convict Conditioning books. While these guys didn’t look like steroid-fueled bodybuilders (actually, there were a couple who did), all were incredibly lean, hard and powerful. Wade blows many commonly held beliefs about conditioning, strengthening, and eating out of the water and replaces them with result-producing information that won’t cost you a dime.”

Convict Conditioning is one of the most influential books I ever got my hands on. Convict Conditioning 2 took my training and outlook on the power of bodyweight training to the 10th degree—from strengthening the smallest muscles in a maximal manner, all the way to using bodyweight training as a means of healing injuries that pile up from over 22 years of aggressive lifting.

“The overriding principle of Convict Conditioning 2 is ‘little equipment-big rewards’. For the athlete in the throwing and fighting arts, the section on Lateral Chain Training, Capturing the Flag, is a unique and perhaps singular approach to training the obliques and the whole family of side muscles. This section stood out to me as ground breaking and well worth the time and energy by anyone to review and attempt to complete. Literally, this is a new approach to lateral chain training that is well beyond sidebends and suitcase deadlifts.

The author’s review of passive stretching reflects the experience of many of us in the field. But, his solution might be the reason I am going to recommend this work for everyone: The Trifecta. This section covers what the author calls The Functional Triad and gives a series of simple progressions to three holds that promise to oil your joints. It’s yoga for the strength athlete and supports the material one would find, for example, in Pavel’s Loaded Stretching.

I didn’t expect to like this book, but I come away from it practically insisting that everyone read it. It is a strongman book mixed with yoga mixed with street smarts. I wanted to hate it, but I love it.”

Convict Conditioning interview with Coach Paul Wade
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