#Endurance Tweet book review

Endurance Tweet book review

#ENDURANCE tweet Book01: A Little Nudge to Keep You Going

“#Endurance tweet:
A Little Nudge to Keep you Going” by Jarie Bolander definitely resonates with me. I am currently involved in the process of creating a startup with three other entrepreneurs and the chapter on Breaking Down Barriers is extremely helpful. I especially like the quote, “We set our own pace when overcoming barriers. Forward progress is all that matters.”

Being the impatient person that I am by nature, I continually need reminding that things do not always happen according to a set time frame, minor set backs will happen. What’s important is to keep going. Thanks for the reminder Jarie! I will keep rereading this book. Ashley S.

#ENDURANCE tweet Book01: A Little Nudge to Keep You Going

“#Endurance tweet: A Little Nudge to Keep you Going” by Jarie Bolander is one of those books that I wish I could carry with me on a daily basis for that little bit of encouragement that we sometimes need unexpectedly. It is at the same time easily consumable, energizing, and inspirational – I like to call it GU For the Soul!

As someone who has dabbled in endurance sports and definitely endured some tough life situations, I found Bolander’s book to be realistic in its approach and down to earth, with snippets of wisdom worthy of the little green guy (Yoda, for the non-Star Wars folks out there) that I felt compelled to write down, or at least post on Facebook as my status of the day.

Definitely applicable to the world of endurance sports, either to keep you going or to help you realize that such physical feats ARE achievable by anyone, the book also will resonate with entrepreneurs, moms, professionals…anyone who needs to silence their “inner critic” (as Bolander calls it) from time to time with a soothing voice of encouragement and motivation. S. Hess

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