Kill Bin Laden Book Review

KILL BIN LADEN by Dalton Fury is one of the best of the many books published in the past 15 years about the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

This specific book by Dalton Fury (a pen name) gives interesting details about the hunt on the ground, 2001-2002.

Delta Force was going after bin Laden with all they had, but unfortunately they needed some badass troops on the ground, and he got away because the higher-ups did not want to put 7-800 Rangers in Tora Bora. Too risky. So Dalton Fury was unsuccessful in that particular mission, but the story is amazing.

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The book Kill Bin Laden: A Delta Force Commander’s Account of the Hunt for the World’s Most Wanted Man. But Dalton Fury was not a Commander – he was only a major in Delta. But rank is practically meaningless in special operations. All the guys are badass super soldiers, especially if they are Delta, Seal Team Six, etc. Our Afghan allies only knew he was the American in charge of finding and killing the Sheik, as bin Laden was called. But to satisfy the allies in the effort who wanted to know his “rank” (again, a meaningless word in Delta Force), they said he was a colonel. Colonel Fury was obviously an awesome black ops stud. He was THE GUY selected to plan the mission.

All sorts of cool details are in this book. One is that one time the Delta dudes were hidden in a vehicle that appeared to be just a truck with two guys driving. The checkpoint guards would ask for the ID’s of the two drivers, and away they went. Dalton Fury was in the back of the truck, hidden, ready, locked and loaded, with some friends.

They passed through checkpoints, no problems.
Another interesting detail: Fury was “pinged” by the Army. PNG’d. Persona Non Grata. They shunned him after the failed mission. Why? Because he wrote a book about it. That’s a no-no in special operations. Even though the book was approved by the Department of Defense, it was not approved in Ft. Bragg, where his brothers-in-arms train.

So he just faded away. He was an incredible athlete, by the way. A superstar in high school. Those guys are super soldiers, the Army’s equivalent of Navy SEAL Team Six.

Check out the book Kill Bin Laden: A Delta Force Commander’s Account of the Hunt for the World’s Most Wanted Man at

Original Book review (October 2016) by Joseph Barrett Gunter who resides in Thomasville, Georgia and spends his time doing pull-ups and pushups on his front porch and reading tons of great books. Updated version March 2023.

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