Navy SEAL Fitness book Review

Navy SEAL Fitness book Review

The complete package for the serious exercise enthusiast interested in obtaining the fitness level required by Navy SEALs.

Written by Stew Smith, top Navy SEAL trainer and instructor.

Whether you want to be a Navy SEAL or just be as fit as one, here’s your chance.

The Complete Guide to Navy Seal Fitness, Third Edition has returned with updated BUD/S workouts, an instructional DVD, and the latest entrance requirements from the Navy.

With this program, you will be ready for any military training or physical challenge in the world.

Train with the world’s fittest and strongest individuals: the US Navy SEALs! Written by Stew Smith, top Navy SEAL trainer and instructor.

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The Navy SEAL Fitness book includes:
• Updated step-by-step instructions to help the fitness recruit on their path to SEAL entry
• Bonus DVD instruction on swimming, running, and exercise
• New beginner workouts for those who need to lose 20 pounds or more
• A special 12-week plan for the Navy Special Operations EOD, SWCC, Diver Physical Screening Test
• New information for optimal weight loss from a certified nutritionist

Written by a top SEAL instructor, The Complete Guide to Navy Seal Fitness, Third Edition, is the advanced exercise program that can walk you through the no-frills workout that has conditioned some of the best bodies around. Many Navy SEAL Fitness book Review listed below.

Navy SEAL Fitness book review
This review is from: The Complete Guide to Navy Seal Fitness, Third Edition (Includes DVD): Updated for Today’s Warrior Elite (Paperback) This is perhaps the finest workout manual ever produced. I always have liked the idea of using callesthenics to get in shape beacause not only is it a little safer than weightlifting, but it can be done anywhere with no expensive gym membership or equipment. Before I would use the CJ CArracci dvd’s, which dont get me wrong are an excellent workout too. But the The Complete Guide to Navy Seal Fitness is so much more complete. He breaks it down to 12 weekly workouts, that are different everyday and change weekly, progressively getting harder while switching things up to keep the workout fresh. There’s swimming, running workouts, military callesthenics, and so much more. I have never been in this good of shape before. I can swim over a mile a day, jog for 5-6 miles at a time, and do pushups all day! Factor in that this book comes with a dvd to demo the excercises all for 13 bucks, and you will have the greatest tool in any workout arsenal.

Navy SEAL Fitness book review
Fantastic fitness book if there ever was one
Updated for Today’s Warrior Elite (Paperback) I have been using this book as my fitness guide for the past month and a half now. I am a former Marine so I know the essentials for fitness, however this book goes far beyond the standard work out. I found that I was pushing myself harder on his “intermediate” workout than on just about any other fitness program I’ve used.

Whether you want to become a Navy SEAL or you just want to be in the best shape of your life, follow this book…you won’t be disappointed!

Navy SEAL Fitness book review
I’ve read over this book and I love it. Unlike other Navy Seals book, it doesn’t insult you. It encourages you to try out new stuff and to keep doing them. I personally love the section about swimming. I’ve been swimming sidestroke and freestyle for quite a while in preparations for my 5k run-swim-run this summer. I also plan to do a 13.1 miles run while will help out greatly. I really want to try the rope climbing exercise. However, I’m having trouble locating a rope to climb. I saw some ropes at Little Creek but I don’t know if people can just use them whenever.

Overall, the book is very neat. It shows you pictures and instructions on how to do the proper sets. The book even has a “plan” in the back. It goes over everything from stretches, pushups, pull ups, swimming, running, and rope climbing. It’s all very clear and very good.

I personally don’t know if this book will prepare you for actual training for special operations. I do know that they are fun to do and the author is fairly nice about it. He doesn’t insult you and he goes about to encourage you by knowing that not everyone who reads the book will be “SEAL material.”

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Navy SEAL Fitness book Review

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