SGPT reviews Everything We Had by Al Santoli

By Brad McLeod
Everything We Had: An Oral History of the Vietnam War
I read this book in 1979 and was spell bound by the stories. An easy read that comes in paperback so its easy to throw in your backpack and take on a trip. A very good read with gut wrenching stories.

The chapter “The Green Faced Frogmen” by Mike Beamon is 17 pages and riveting story of the challenges that Navy SEALs faced in the war.  I recommend picking up and copy and reading.

Everything We Had: An Oral History of the Vietnam War
“Everything We Had” offers a collection of intensely personal war memories from 33 Americans who served in Vietnam. The strength of the book lies in the non-scripted, unconstrained tone of most of the ‘stories’. They speak openly about their experiences, with little attempt to “prettify” or rationalize their involvement in the war. This book does not presume to explain away the Vietnam war, it simply offers candid testiment to the way it was. DL

Note: Mike Beamon aka Mike Beanan is the US Navy SEAL mentioned in both Enoch’s book and Santoli’s “Everything We Had.” Unfortunately the name was misspelled in Santoli’s book and that generated alot of speculation. Mike went through alot in that war. Let’s give him the respect he deserves.


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