Spec Ops Workout Book Review

Spec Ops Workout Book Review

The Special Ops Workout: The Elite Exercise Program Inspired by the United States Special Operations Command by Stew Smith
spec ops workout book reviewDue to recent events, all eyes have been on the American military, especially the elite Special Operations teams: Army Special Forces, Army Rangers, Navy SEALS, and Air Force Special Ops that truly are the best of the best in the military.

These teams of specially trained warriors perform the most difficult, politically sensitive, and dangerous missions known to the US military.

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The Special Ops Workout: The Elite Exercise Program Inspired by the United States Special Operations Command

Spec Ops Workout Book ReviewThe Special Ops Workout Book: The Elite Exercise Program Inspired by the United States Special Operations Command gives an inside look at the intense physical preparation required to become part of one of these elite teams. The men of the Special Ops are in the best physical shape of their lives, and the combination of conditioning workouts, nutritional information, and inside looks into training and selection guidelines outlined in The Special Ops Workout show just how they get that way.

Nationally known fitness expert Mike Mejia and former US Navy SEAL and fitness author Stewart Smith teamed up to give an insider’s look into some of the toughest military training in the world. By focusing on the strength and endurance conditioning essential to success in Special Operations teams, these experts show how to use real Special Ops workouts to get in the best physical shape of your life. Whether your goal is to make it into the Special Forces, or just bring extra intensity into your regular workout routine, The Special Ops Workout is a resource that will add a powerful boost to any fitness regimen.

The Special Ops Workout features:
• A specially formulated 12-week total body conditioning workout
• The Army Ranger and Green Beret 6-week workout
• The Air Force PJ/CCT 6-week workout
• The Navy SEAL 6-week workout
• The ultimate in high-powered nutrition info
• An insider’s view of Special Ops training with our exclusive “Real Deal” insider tips

Spec Ops Workout Book Review
I have to say that this book is better than I expected. Stew Smith gives some good information about what special ops are and the qualities one needs to become a member of this elite cadre. I am not in the military, but I found this section to be edifying and it gave me more appreciation for those who serve.

The six-week programs are great. They are uncomplicated and use little equipment, but very effective – a solid cardio base with butt kicking strength building. In short, this creates functional strength. You won’t just look strong, you will be strong. This will make warriors of men. All exercises and stretches are clearly explained with pictures. The only criticism of these programs is that I can’t swim, so I needed to substitute other exercises, because I didn’t feel like drowning. In addition to the workout programs, there is also an informative section regarding nutrition.

The one let down of this book was the 12 week introduction workout program, at least the first 4 weeks of it are unnecessary. If anyone needs this kind of introductory program, then this book is probably not suited for them. The bulk of this book is suited for serious athletes and those looking into special ops. I suppose this 12 week program makes it more appealing to the masses, but I don’t believe this book to be one for the masses.

This workout book contains good information with challenging workouts. As someone who is preparing for the Army, I can say that this is most complete workout book for preparation on the market. None of the competitors come close to the full spectrum workouts this book has. You have access to programs with weight training, cals, nutrition, swimming, running, and rucking. You can mix and match certain workouts or just do what is prescribed. I do wish that there was a little more rucking insight other than just generic information. But other than that it is a high quality purchase.

Mike Mejia and Stew Smith put together a comprehensive book detailing what it takes to be apart of the Special Forces community. Together, their knowledge, know-how, and grit lay the foundation for what it takes, physically and mentally, to screen for the Navy Seals, Army Special Forces and Air Force Special Forces. The exercises and workouts contained there within give the reader a glimpse of what tools and abilities are needed to suceed and become a part of our Special Forces.

I for one have used this book and another of Stew Smiths book while serving in OIF. All the workouts allow me to stay in shape, keep the edge and ward off any boredom that creeps up in between missions and operations.

This book is a must have, read, and heed for any individual wishing to become a part of America’s Special Forces. The information about the communities themselves along with the nutritional advice are worth their weight in gold. If being a warrior is what you want then take advice from the warrior elite themselves. Their workouts are challenging and keep you on your toes. The book is well written, simple to understand, and a good bedrock to start from. Semper Fi.

Stew smith is a stud. period. i am an 18 year old aspiring air force PJ and i was looking for any edge i could get my hands on to help me succeed in joining special forces. i just started this workout and it kicks serious butt! i have played football hardcore my whole life and boxed on the side, so i consider myself (humbly) as a fairly tough individual. however, there is always room for improvement, so i looked for some help on specific training and advice on mental toughness. this book will help, motivate, and encourage you to be the best you can be at anything. i am so happy i finally found something legitimate that would help me reach my goals. i especially enjoyed the personal advice and recommendations Stew provides. a great book!!!

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