Danner Crag Rat GTX Hiking Boot Review

Check out the review and comparison for Danner Crag Rat GTX hiking boot and you decide if this boot is right for you.

The Danner Crag Rat GTX hiking boot is a top-notch outdoor footwear option that seamlessly blends robust design with the versatility required for challenging hiking terrains. Whether you’re scaling rocky mountain trails or trekking through wet, muddy conditions, this boot is equipped to handle it all.


Material: The Crag Rat GTX features a full-grain leather upper that not only exudes durability but also provides waterproof protection. The GORE-TEX liner ensures that your feet stay dry even when crossing streams or hiking in the rain.
Outsole: The Vibram Tsavo outsole is built for maximum traction and stability. It grips well on uneven and slippery surfaces, providing the confidence you need in demanding conditions.
Support: The boot offers solid ankle support and stability, making it suitable for those carrying heavy loads or navigating tricky terrains.
Cushioning: The PU midsole and OrthoLite footbed deliver excellent cushioning and comfort, ensuring that you can hike for extended periods without foot fatigue.
Protection: A rubber rand around the boot shields it from abrasions and scuffs, prolonging its lifespan.
Weight: While it’s not the lightest hiking boot on the market, the weight is justified by its durability and support. You’re getting a substantial, rugged boot for serious hiking.
The Danner Crag Rat GTX hiking boot has consistently impressed me with its exceptional performance and resilience in demanding outdoor scenarios. The combination of the full-grain leather upper and GORE-TEX lining keeps my feet comfortably dry, regardless of the weather or terrain. The Vibram outsole offers superb traction and stability, ensuring I can confidently tackle steep inclines and uneven paths. Moreover, the boot’s ankle support has proven invaluable when traversing rocky or uneven trails.

What sets the Crag Rat GTX apart is the outstanding cushioning and comfort it provides. The PU midsole and OrthoLite footbed combine to create a fatigue-resistant hiking experience. Even on long hikes, I’ve experienced minimal foot strain, and the boot has maintained its shape and structure over time.

The Danner Crag Rat boot features a new Dynamic Response System which was developed for the most rugged high altitude conditions. It provides the protection, the response, the rigidity and the support needed when battling ridgeline conditions of rock, jagged debris, packed snow and ice. In short, it’s made for serious hiking.

The most comfortable hiking boots I’ve ever and I’ve owned many. Used these in Alaska and they worked perfect.

This is the boot that you want for the long haul trek. Whether its miles from nowhere, hiking through mud, over rugged rocks and snow. This boot starts with a deep-lugged Vibram Tsavo outsole which is beefy and will you plenty of rubber and grip.


While it might not be the lightest hiking boot, it’s certainly one of the most reliable and rugged. The rubber rand adds a layer of protection to ensure the boot’s longevity. Overall, the Danner Crag Rat GTX hiking boot is a stellar investment for those who require durable and waterproof footwear that can handle the harshest of hiking conditions.

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