Nike SFB Boot vs Under Armour Ops Trainer

Check out these reviews, videos and comparisons for the Nike SFB vs Under Armour Ops Trainer and you decide what is best for your feet.

Nike SFB Boots and Under Armour Ops Trainer are both popular footwear choices for military and tactical use. Let’s compare these two options to help you make an informed decision:

Design and Purpose:

Nike SFB Boots: Nike SFB (Special Field Boot) boots are designed to meet the demands of military and law enforcement professionals. They are known for their rugged construction, durability, and comfort. Nike offers a variety of SFB boot styles, including high-top and mid-top options, catering to different preferences and mission requirements.

Under Armour Ops Trainer: The Under Armour Ops Trainer is designed as a versatile tactical shoe. It is lighter and more athletic in design compared to traditional combat boots. Ops Trainers are suitable for a range of tactical activities, such as training, running, and urban missions.

Construction and Materials:

Nike SFB Boots: Nike SFB boots typically feature a leather and synthetic upper for durability, along with a rubber outsole for grip and traction. They are often designed with a reinforced toe box and heel for added protection in rugged environments.

Under Armour Ops Trainer: The Ops Trainer utilizes a blend of materials, including a synthetic upper with breathable mesh panels for ventilation. The rubber sole provides good traction. Ops Trainers are designed to be lightweight and flexible, allowing for agile movement.

Comfort and Fit:

Nike SFB Boots: Nike SFB boots are known for their comfort, especially after a break-in period. They provide good ankle support and are suitable for extended wear during long missions. Sizing may vary, so it’s essential to find the right fit.

Under Armour Ops Trainer: Ops Trainers are designed for comfort and ease of movement. They are lighter and more flexible than traditional combat boots, making them suitable for running and dynamic activities. The sizing generally aligns with standard athletic shoe sizes.

Purpose and Use:

Nike SFB Boots: Nike SFB boots are well-suited for heavy-duty military and tactical operations, offering protection, durability, and stability. They excel in rough terrain and challenging conditions.

Under Armour Ops Trainer: Under Armour Ops Trainers are versatile and can be used for various tactical activities, including training, urban operations, and physical fitness. They are not as specialized for extreme conditions as the Nike SFB boots but offer excellent agility and comfort.


Prices for both options can vary based on the specific model, features, and retailer. In general, Nike SFB boots tend to be more expensive than Under Armour Ops Trainers.

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Nike Special Field Boot Review
I won’t go back to my old style of boot, unless I have to wear a steel toe, because they feel like sneakers. Awesome for foot patrol. I often do 8hrs straight with no issue. Way more comfortable than my old pair of bates boots. Durable, nice fit, great looking, lightweight, the only problems are no steel toe, no easy out (zipper type thing up the side), and that on wet tile they can be very slippery. I will be buying these nikes from now on.

I’m on the SWAT team and these boots are freaking light! 2 problems though, with these being so light they get soaked the other problem is that when transitioning from wet grass to smooth surfaces they become slippery. They are more like a tennis shoes. The UA Ops trainer shoes look great and are extemely quiet on hard surfaces. They are actually the most comfortable shoes ive ever worn.

I’m impressed and blown away by these shoes. Fit perfectly.

Update: A few months in with this shoes has been awesome. They really are high quality, ultra light hiking shoes. I’ve already put about 50 miles on these puppies and they look brand new! Holding up very, very well. I uploaded a photo for you all.

UPDATE 2: These are without a doubt the best hiking shoes I’ve got. I absolutely love them! Since the last update I’ve put another 30 miles on them and no blisters, no problem with quality. Perfectly comfortable. They dry out very easily. Whenever they finally give in to the punishment I put them through, I will buy another pair. They are my favorite shoe.


In conclusion, your choice between the Nike SFB Boots and Under Armour Ops Trainer should depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you require heavy-duty boots for demanding military operations in rough terrain, the Nike SFB Boots are a solid choice. However, if you’re looking for a more versatile and comfortable option for a variety of tactical activities, including training and urban missions, the Under Armour Ops Trainer may be the better fit. Consider factors like comfort, agility, and the specific demands of your missions when making your decision.

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