CrossFit Handstand Workouts and Tips

Check out these CrossFit Handstand Workouts and Tips

TIP #1
Warmup before you start with handstands no matter if you are an elite athlete that has mastered this technique.
Do arm swings, regular pushups and roll your wrist in a circular manner.

Workout #1
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 handstand pushups
10 one legged squats (aka pistols)
15 pull-ups


Video – CrossFit Handstand Workouts and Tips

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Workout of the DAY (WOD) #2
21­-15-­9 reps of:
handstand pushups
ring dips

TIP #2
Start out slow and work your way up. I learned by putting my feet on a higher bench and doing pushups. I added a box on top of the bench and that made my feet go higher. When I lowered down I dipped my chin in and touched the top of my head. Eventually I was able to kick up and hold my feet up high on the wall for five seconds. I put a thick mat under my head in case I fell.

Video of how to scale and kipping HSPU

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Workout #3
50­-35­-20 rep rounds of:
handstand pushups
dead hang pull-ups

if you cannot do handstand pushups then put your feet on a bench. If you cannot do pull-ups then do jumping pull ups.

Question: What is a deficit HSPU?

Answer: That is where the floor is lower than your hands.

An example would be to put your hands on a thick 45 lb rubber bumper plate.

When you lower down your head is lower than you hands.

If you want to add more height then add an extra bumper as needed.

Check out the photo above for a demonstration.

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Workout #4
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
25 handstand pushups
50 One legged squats, alternating
75 pullups

wodies crossfit glovesQuestion: My hands keep getting ripped when I do kipping pull-ups during CrossFit workouts.

How can I fix that?

Answer: I would recommend a CrossFit wrap like the WODies by JerkFit.

You will see beginner and elite athletes using these gloves to protect their hands.

Workout #5
21-­15­-9 reps of:
handstand pushups
strict pullups

Workout #6
5 rounds of:
50 walking lunges
15 handstand pushups

Workout #7
100 squats
9 handstand pushups
200 squats
15 handstand pushups
100 squats
21 handstand pushups

Workout #8
50 squats
50 pullups
50 walking lunges
50 knees ­to ­elbows
5 handstand pushups
50 situps
5 handstand pushups
50 squats
50 pullups

Workout #9
5 rounds of:
5 handstand pushups
5 muscle ­ups

Workout #10
5 rounds of:
10 dips
15 pullups
20 handstand pushups

Question: Where can I learn more about CrossFit?

Answer: Check out the website here:

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