CrossFit Muscle-Up Tips

The muscle up is a great skill to learn both from building muscle and coordination and building explosive power.

You can directly use this skill and apply in the real world with climbing.

Here are a few tips to help you with your muscle ups.

  1. Work on bar dips to build up to the muscle up.

  2. Tape up your wrist and bottom edge of hand.

  3. Chalk is helpful but don’t use too much.

Check out RepFitness wood gym Rings @

  1. Use the false grip (hooking ring with meat of hand) to start muscle up.

  2. Pulling up in a quick motion bring the rings to your chest.

  3. Touch your thumbs to your chest and rake your hands like your tearing off your shirt (Hulkamania style).

Question: What is a decent wood gym ring that I can use in workouts at my home?

Check out the CFF wood gym rings for home garage gym workouts.

Workout #1
Five rounds for time of:
7 Muscle-ups
21 Burpees
Post time to comments.
*Each burpee terminates with a jump one foot above max standing reach.

If you can’t do muscle ups then do bar dips.

Video – CrossFit Tips

  1. Throw your head forward through the rings in a head butt motion.

  2. Continue touching your thumbs to your chest as you tear your shirt on through to under your arm pits.

  3. Press up with the final move – a ring dip.

Workout #2
30 muscle ups for time

Workout #3
4 Rounds for time
5 Muscle-ups
10 Kettlebell Swings (53, 35)
15 Burpees
200 meter Run

Video – CrossFit  Tips

Workout #4
Muscle Up, HSPU & Burpee WOD
Five rounds for time of:
3 Muscle-up Handstand push-ups
10 Burpee pull-ups

Ideally, the pull-up bar is one foot above your reach. If you cannot do the muscle-up handstand push-ups, do 7 muscle-ups and 12 handstand push-ups each round.

Austin Malleolo 12:53, Pat Barber 13:09, Chris Spealler 14:53 (5 MU-HSPU per round), Pat Burke 15:21, Peter Egyed 15:22, TJ Barber 16:23, Dave Leys 18:11, Matt Chan 18:27, Rob Orlando 18:31 (burpee rope pull-up), Kristan Clever 24:37.
Graham Holmberg 32:15, Kim Malz 32:44

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: Do you need to tape the wrist for muscle ups? Some CrossFit athletes like to tape. Some don’t. It is a personal preference.

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