CrossFit Workout Tips Angie

crossfit workout tips angieThe workout Angie is used in CrossFit as a benchmark workout and a test of overall fitness. This is a simple bodyweight workout as it doesn’t any gear and you can do anywhere (even on the back of a ship if needed).

For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats
Post time to comments.

Angie Workout Tip #1

warmup doing movements similar to the workout. Use ring rows, walking lunges, air squats, pushups, sit-ups and stretch band for warmup.

Angie Workout Tip #2

You don’t have to do the workout as RX (prescribed). You can scale pull ups with band pull ups. Be very careful if you decide to do jumping pull ups as that is a good way to get rhabdo.

Question: How can I protect my hands and keep them from ripping on high rep pull up workouts?

Check out the WODFitters Hand Grips to protect your hands. They are easy to take on and off during a workout and you will barely notice that you have them on.

Angie Workout #3

If just starting off as a beginner it is better to cut the workout in half (50 reps of each exercise). A good way to get ready for this workout is to perform 20 rounds of 5 of each exercise.

Angie Workout Tip #4

Make sure that you form is good all of the way through the workout. Have your CrossFit trainer watch your reps before you start the workout. If your reps need a more full range of motion then work on the motion during your warmup with your trainer cueing you.

Question: My hands already have some blisters and starting to crack. What can I do to repair them and get ready for the next workout?

Check out the W.O.D.welder Hand Care Kit.

This will help soothe your hands and repair the cracks and dry skin and get you back in the workouts quickly.

Angie Workout Tip #5

Have a buddy count for you. Write a goal time in chalk on the floor or post on the whiteboard. Have your buddy to encourage you to break that goal.

Angie Workout Tip #6

CrossFit elite Rob Orlando says “Don’t use these workouts more than once every few months,” Orlando says. “They are benchmarks; how you perform will help you gauge the validity of the rest of your programming.”

Angie Workout Tip #7

Don’t be intimidated by this workout and the 100 reps of pull ups at the start. Use that as a goal to motivate you. Break the reps down into small portions “chunking” so that they are manageable.

Question: Do you recommend using chalk for the Cindy CrossFit wod?

Yes; we use chalk as your hands are going to get sweaty. Check out the Ader Gym Chalk as it will help you in your workouts. A little bit of chalk goes a long way so don’t overuse it.

We get this question a lot – “What is a good time for the Angie CrossFit workout?”.

An average time for the Angie workout is 23:00-26:00
Fastest elite times are 06:11 (male) 08:58 (female)

CrossFit Angie workout times:

Ricardo Pereira – 14 min 05 sec
Jay Rhodes: 13:44

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