Erin Lavoie – CrossFit Lumberjack Elite Athlete Profile

Erin Lavoie CrossFit Lumberjack Elite Athlete Profile
Close your eyes and picture a sexy lumberjack (betcha never heard that before). Isn’t it hard not to picture a burly man in a red flannel and overalls? Scratch that mental image and substitute a beautiful woman who could just as easily be posing for a swimsuit calendar. Exit Paul Bunyan, enter Erin Lavoie – the Michael Jordan of lumberjack sports. If you’ve never had a Bikinis & Axes Calendar fantasy, you just might after today.

There’s nothing wrong with Paul Bunyan, there’s just something much more right about picturing Erin Lavoie whenever you think of a lumberjack. Ok, technically she’s a lumberjill but that’s not the point. The point is that she’s really good at felling trees and looks good while doing it.

How good is she? Let’s just say that the gap between Erin Lavoie and the second-best lumberjill in the world is about as wide as Michael Strahan’s front teeth. Just as everyone always knew Jordan would be the best player on the court, there’s no disputing who rules the forest. But although Michael always had style and flair, even MJ never looked this good doing his thing.

Who is Erin Lavoie?

Erin Lavoie is a member of Team USA and a three-time “Iron Jill” World Champion. She also has two world records in the underhand chop, two medals at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games, and a record in the Guinness Book of World Records. Erin Lavoie has always been a bit on the extreme side. In college she fought forest fires on a wild land fire crew until she started working as a saw operator and loader for a logging company.

More Erin Lavoie
Fishing is an activity for predators and that’s where she started working on her lumberjack skills that would quickly propel her into a world class professional athlete, complete with a contract to be the spokesmodel for Stihl, the largest outdoor power equipment manufacturer in the world. Erin has competed in over 150 sanctioned competitions and 70 professional events all over the world. Aside from killing trees, Erin trains at Predation CrossFit in Spokane, WA, and credits this high intensity training as a primary reason for dominating her competition.

What are Lumberjack Sports?

The first thing you’re probably wondering is “what the heck are Lumberjack sports?” Well, it involves fun stuff like chopping, sawing (with either buck saw or chainsaw), axe throwing, pole climbing, log rolling, and obstacle poles. You know, all the typical feminine things women love to do.
Given the uniqueness of the sport that Erin dominates, we thought a Q&A would be in order. So stop back next week and check out our interview with lumberjill Erin Lavoie. But first, watch Erin kill 27 defenseless little Christmas trees in just 2 minutes! Although she makes it look easy, when you see her competitor (another top lumberjill) struggling to chop 1/3 as many in the same time, you realize how good Lavoie really is.
Fallen trees: 27. Fallen Guinness World Records: 1.

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