Linda Leipper CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Linda Leipper CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Linda Leipper
Nickname: LL
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 125
Age: 42
Linda Leipper Started Crossfit: July 2007

Video from the 2010 OC Throwdown where Linda Leipper took 1st Place

Training Facility: CrossFit Marina
Coach/Trainer: Denise and Steve Serrano

Occupation/School: Santa Clara University

Linda Leipper on Supplements: My Progenex Experience: I was given the opportunity for a 30 day trial of the PROGENEX recovery, since I was a 2009 CrossFit Games competitor. And, it couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I was in dire need of some sort of recovery drink or aid to help me in my training. Not only was my body breaking down, I was loosing sleep at night because of the intensity of my training program. And, sleep is a vital component to aide in anyone’s recovery, not only mentally but physically.

I had also suffered a back injury and needed something to help me recover and help my muscles recover what had been depleted through the heavy exertion from CrossFit. Needless to say, PROGENEX has been a blessing for me. I have felt stronger, and less fatigued either during or after a workout. I have much less muscle soreness and fatigue, and my warm-up a day after an intense workout is much quicker than it had been in the past. In the past it had taken me sometimes 30-60 minutes to feel like I was about ready to begin the workout, and now I am ready much quicker (only about 15-20 minutes warm-up, daily). I use a protein supplement for recovery immediately following my workouts.

Inspiration: My inspiration is my family. I have two beautiful, young, children. They are my number 1 fans. There’s nothing more empowering than looking up into the stands during the CrossFit games and seeing your family screaming at the top of their lungs cheering for you, all the while holding a sign that says “We love you, Mommy”. It’s inspirational, empowering, and wonderful to know that as a woman, and a Mom of 2, I can be a role model for them to grow up and want to emulate. Through CrossFit I have become a better person, a better wife, mother, daughter and friend. CrossFit has allowed me to continue to release my competitive spirit and drive in an arena that is second to none. And, I am thankful not only to my family for being there every step of the way, but also to CrossFit and my CrossFit family and trainer’s for believing in me and helping to push me to my limit every day. I walk out of that gym each day a better person than when I walked in. And for that, I’m thankful.

Typical Training Week: I train 5 days a week, typically. My training varies depending on upcoming competitions etc. If there is an upcoming event, rest days are strategically put into place as well as lighter days and tapering.

Example: My CF Affliate, CF Marina, follows the .com WODS. So, whatever rolls out of the hopper that is what we will be working on. I also do extra Olympic Lifting (OHS, Snatch, C&J) depending on how the WOD has left me feeling. Some days I’m too gassed to do any extra work. Any body weight days I put on a 20# weighted vest to either run with or do the whole WOD with, to aid in extra training. All WODs are always done as rx’d.

Nutrition: Strict Zone/Paleo

CrossFit Stats
Fran: 3:19
Cindy: 22 rounds
Helen: 8:42
Grace: 10:00 heavy with 100# at the 2008 Games. I haven’t done an actual rx’d Grace.
Filthy Fifty: 24:29
Max Pull-ups (Butterfly):  Kipping- 41

Weightlifting Stats
Deadlift: 255#
Bench: 95#
Squat: 170#
Snatch: 100#
Squat Clean: 130#
Power Clean: 140#
Clean & Jerk: 120#

CrossFit Competitions/Titles:
2008 CrossFit Games 12th
2009 Regionals 7th
2009 Online Qualifier 1st
2009 CrossFit Games 40th
2010 OC Throwdown 5th

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