CAP Olympic 2 in ECO Chrome Barbell Review

Check out the reviews and videos for the CAP barbell and you be the judge if it is good enough for your home garage gym. Note that this is an economy bar and not meant to go out and try to deadlift 500 lbs for reps.

CAP Barbell Olympic ECO Bar Review
cap barbell olympic 2 inch eco chrome bar reviewGreat value for $67 barbell. I got an Olympic bench for Christmas and needed to get a whole new set of weights (Olympics weights, nonetheless) and a new bar that fit (7′). Having used CAP products in the past, I decided to purchase the CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch ECO Chrome Bar. Overall, it’s great. It doesn’t weigh the traditional Olympic barbell weight, but it does weigh plenty – surprising both myself and my roommate.

This baby is, of course, long and the packaging is wrapped in so much tape it takes a knife to open in my opinion. Overall, it works great, but I recommend getting some collars to ensure the plates don’t slip.

CAP Economy Barbell review
I bought this bar off another site where it was advertised as a 45 pound bar. It is indeed 37 pounds. Rather than send it back, I opted for a partial refund. This is a decent beginner’s bar and also is a good second/back-up bar, but it’s worth the extra money to buy a better bar. I also own the CAP OB-86B and it is a top notch bar which I use for my heavy lifts. I use this bar more for lighter lifts or when doing super-sets between a bench press and barbell row, for example. I can’t imagine this bar taking more than 200-250 pounds on it. Mine was delivered with a loose nut on the end, but I have large allen wrenches and tightened it, and it hasn’t come loose since. The CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch ECO Chrome Bar is a good beginner’s bar, or spare bar, but really, spend the extra money and get a good bar from CAP, Troy, or some other manufacturer.

Question: What are the differences between the CAP ECO bar vs CAP 1000 pound barbell? The second bar can hold much more weight and is twice the cost. If you are a beginner lifter and will not put much weight on the bar and are on a budget – go with the ECO barbell.

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