Rep Fitness Excalibur vs Bomba barbell

Check out these reviews, comparisons and videos for the Bomba bar vs the RepFitness excalibur barbell and you make the decision which one you want for your home garage gym.

Bomba mens barbell review by Joel
I’ve used a TON of different bars in my Crossfit career; anything from crappy 31mm economy bars that hardly spin to the Ohio bar (duh!) and Pendlay Nexgen HD bar. The Bomba bar fits somewhere towards the top end of what I’ve used. The 28.5mm diameter of the shaft is pretty common for what you’re going to find on bars that are geared towards Crossfit since it’s right there in between 28mm Oly bars and 29mm power bars.

Video – Bomba barbell

Check out the Bomba 20kg Men’s Barbell 28.5mm @

Rep Fitness Elite Excalibur barbell review by Jason
I first came onto the Rep Fitness Excalibur during the search for my first crossfit barbell. While all the specifications sold me on the bar, the name was unknown to me, so I went with the Ohio bar instead. Fast forward 5 or so months later, my curiosity got the best of me, and I ended up with an Excalibur in addition to my Ohio bar. I hate to think that my decision in the first place to order the Ohio bar wasn’t the right decision; the Rep Fitness Excalibur is the best bar that I’ve used and owned.

Rep Fitness Elite Excalibur Bar Review

Check out the CFF HD WOD Olympic Barbell @

More review of Excalibur barbell from Jason
Honestly, if there was more literature or videos on the Excalibur at the time, I’m not sure my original decision would have been the same. It’s pretty fair to say that the Rep Fitness Excalibur has a lot going for it on paper. I don’t even know of another bar that has even close to the same tensile strength in a bar that costs under $300. The closest competitor is probably the Pendlay Nexgen HD, coming in at 190K PSI, but costing almost $50 more (too bad the MDUSA sale is over on them). Stat for stat, it pretty much demolishes anything in the $300 range. Let me reassure you that this bar doesn’t just talk to the talk.

Bomba Bar 20kg Zinc Intro

Check out the Bomba 20kg Men’s Barbell 28.5mm @

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: What about a RepFitness Elite Excalibur vs Bomba barbell. How do those barbells rate? Both are getting good reviews.

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