Wright CF series barbell review

wright cf series barbell reviewWe received a Wright Equipment CF Series barbell a few months back and have been testing it out at our small garage gym.

Thanks for everyone’s patience as this should have been posted up last month but we had a few fences to fix.

Overall the bar has a relatively good spin for the price ($199). It holds up well under a load during squats and dead lifts. The small ridges in the collars help to keep the spring collars on and keep bumpers from sliding off. Probably the best thing we like about the bar is the moderate knurling. It is not too aggressive and feels like it is nice and worn to the right texture.

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Barbell Specifications:
Mens barbell 20kg is 28.5 mm and comes with a lifetime warranty.
Womens barbell 15kg is 25 mm and same warranty.

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By Bryan Mize
This bar is my designated deadlift bar and does a great job! The knurl is just right and it flexes such that breaking the weight from the floor as not as difficult as a more rigid power bar.

By Nathan Austin
Jason…just wanted to let you know that the equipment arrived and it looks great in my little home gym in Africa. Now it’s time for me to get back to work…

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By Marty Day
I have owned and worked with quite a few bars over the years so I was skeptical about another all around bar. When Wright went murdered out (all black zinc) I decided to pick one up and I couldn’t be happier. This bar is awesome and our CrossFit gym picked up a few of them. Looks great, knurl is perfect, and the spin is the best I’ve seen. While spinning an empty sleeve, this bar has better spin than any other bushing bar I’ve used, including Pendlay HD, Ohio Bar, and the Rogue 2.0.

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