Wright Equipment CF Series Barbell Review

I received a Wright Equipment CF Series barbell a few months back and have been testing it out at our small garage gym.

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The Wright Equipment CF Series Barbell is a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts and athletes seeking a high-quality barbell for their weightlifting and strength training needs. In this detailed review, we will explore the specifications, design, performance, and overall value of the Wright Equipment CF Series Barbell.

Bar Type: The CF Series Barbell is a classic Olympic barbell designed for both powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. It conforms to standard dimensions and specifications for competitive use.

Material: It is crafted from premium-grade steel, providing excellent durability and long-lasting performance. The steel has a tensile strength of 190,000 PSI, ensuring it can handle heavy loads without bending or warping.

Weight: The barbell is available in multiple weight options, with 20 kg (44 lbs) and 15 kg (33 lbs) being the most common for men and women, respectively.

Knurling: The bar features dual knurling marks, with both IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) and IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) knurling specifications. This allows for a secure grip for different lifting styles.

Sleeves: The sleeves are designed with smooth, high-quality brass bushings that provide excellent spin and rotation. They also have precise grooves for Olympic-sized weight plates.

Finish: The CF Series Barbell has a durable hard chrome finish, which not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also offers excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.

Load Capacity: With a load capacity of 1500 lbs, this barbell can handle the heaviest of lifts without compromise.

Design and Build Quality:
The Wright Equipment CF Series Barbell boasts a simple yet effective design. It adheres to standard Olympic barbell dimensions, making it compatible with most power racks and benches. The steel construction feels solid and well-balanced, ensuring a stable and reliable performance during lifting sessions.

The dual knurling marks cater to a wide range of lifting preferences, allowing both powerlifters and weightlifters to achieve a secure grip. The hard chrome finish not only looks sleek but also stands up to the rigors of intense workouts, ensuring the barbell remains corrosion-free.

The performance of the CF Series Barbell is exceptional. The precision-engineered brass bushings provide a smooth and consistent spin during movements like snatches and clean and jerks. The bar’s high tensile strength means that it doesn’t flex or bend under heavy loads, which is crucial for maintaining proper form and reducing the risk of injury.

Whether you’re performing squats, deadlifts, bench presses, or Olympic lifts, this barbell offers a reliable and consistent performance that will enhance your strength training experience.

The Wright Equipment CF Series Barbell offers excellent value for its price. Its combination of high-quality materials, precision engineering, and the ability to cater to various lifting styles makes it a versatile and durable choice. The 1500 lb load capacity means you can continue to challenge yourself as you progress in your strength training journey. While it may be a bit pricier than some entry-level barbells, the long-term durability and performance make it a wise investment for serious lifters and athletes.

Barbell Specifications:
Mens barbell 20kg is 28.5 mm and comes with a lifetime warranty.
Womens barbell 15kg is 25 mm and same warranty.

Wright Equipment CF Series Barbell Review

This bar is my designated deadlift bar and does a great job! The knurl is just right and it flexes such that breaking the weight from the floor as not as difficult as a more rigid power bar.

I have owned and worked with quite a few bars over the years so I was skeptical about another all around bar. When Wright went murdered out (all black zinc) I decided to pick one up and I couldn’t be happier. This bar is awesome and our CrossFit gym picked up a few of them. Looks great, knurl is perfect, and the spin is the best I’ve seen. While spinning an empty sleeve, this bar has better spin than any other bushing bar I’ve used, including Pendlay HD, Ohio Bar, and the Rogue 2.0.


In conclusion, the Wright Equipment CF Series Barbell is a top-notch choice for individuals seeking a reliable, durable, and versatile barbell for their weightlifting and powerlifting needs. Its high-quality construction and precision engineering ensure that it can withstand heavy loads while providing a smooth and consistent performance, making it an excellent addition to any home or commercial gym.

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