RepFitness Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar Review

We received a RepFitness squat rack (Rep SR-4000) with pull up bar for our garage gym last month.


The rig came in two boxes and was delivered by UPS right to our door.

I was able to pick up both boxes with ease and neither one was damaged in the delivery from Colorado.

I set up the Rep Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar by myself in about an hour (taking my time) or so.


The build package comes with a flat wrench and easy to follow instructions.

I used the wrench they sent but also I broke out my socket set to make it a little easier.

I glanced at the instructions briefly but it was pretty straight forward on how to set up and put together.

My daughter Ollie (13 years old) helped me a little bit at the end putting it together as I think she was excited to try it out.

Once we had it basically set up Ollie wanted to give it a try and do some pull ups on the bar.


We then added on the spotter arms by fitting them into the proper holes. It uses 11 gauge steel and 2 inch hole spacing.

The spotter arms are really beefy and give you a lot of confidence in case you think you may drop the bar.

The rig is rated at 1,000 lbs so I don’t think I have to worry about overloading or bending anything with that payload.


This is a big feature for my daughter as she can come home from school and workout on her on and not worry about dropping the bar or getting stuck under the bar in a bad position.

In the front of the squat rack there are spots where you can stack plates on each side. This is great for organization but we used it partly to hold down the rig and make it more stable.

My daughter really likes the finish and size of the pull-up bar as it is easy to hang on to and the whole rig is solid when doing kipping pull ups.

The SR-4000 comes in both a 94 inch model and 110 inch ($20 more).

#1. At a price of $379 this rack gives a lot of value and cheaper than other brands.
#2. Easy to set up with one person but is nice to have two extra hands.

#1. I am trying to think of something we don’t like. Give us another month of using it hard and we will see if we can bend something.

I will be marking the 2 inch hole spacing with a white marker to number the holes so I can move the j hooks and spotter arms quicker and easier.

The squat rack can be bolted to the concrete floor but we did not do that as it is plenty stable as it is.

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UPDATE November 2017: We have had the squat rack for over a year and no problems at all. We even had to move it briefly but now it is back in the same spot. Going out to do a workout in the shop now.

UPDATE September 2018: The rack is doing great and still getting weekly use. Zero problems.

Question: How do you compare Repfitness vs other squat racks?

Answer: I have a couple of squat racks and you will get what you pay for in most cases. RepFitness gives you a lot of value for the dollar. When you are doing a heavy lift you are not thinking about having a name stamped on your rig – you just want dependable gear that doesn’t gouge your wallet. A similar Rogue Fitness squat rack cost $450 for comparison. You can see the photo of my small garage gym and we love it.

The RepFitness rig is $379 with spotter arms.

Question: How can I find out more info about starting a CrossFit gym out of my garage? Don’t you have to pay initiation fees? Several of my buddies in my neighborhood like to work out and we were thinking of joining.

Answer: Check out the main website for CrossFit here:

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