Titan Power Rack Reviews

Check out the Titan power rack reviews and you decide if it is good enough for your garage gym.

Titan Power rack review
titan power rack review The Rack: Exactly what I wanted and needed, with no frills or negative surprises.

It essentially is a clone of the Rogue R3 rack but much cheaper in price.

Feels sturdy and stable in use, doesn’t rattle about or wobble if you drop a loaded barbell on the safety bars.

Lots of functionality.

The Titan Power Rack> is perfect for lifters who just want to get under some iron without the need to show off or surround themselves with fancy gear to convince themselves that they’re doing something.

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Assembly: The rack went together pretty well, after we sorted out the nuts and bolts. The instructions say you need three people to do it safely and I would suggest it. My husband and I were able to put it together without too much trouble, but even though he’s quite tall and a professional remodeler (so a whiz at putting heavy stuff together) and I’m rather strong for my size, there were still a few times we could have used a hand stabilizing the half-built frame. So if you can, get an extra pair of hands to help.

Titan HD Power Rack vs. R3 Rack

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Titan Power rack review
The good,
Easy to assemble.
Sturdy(see bad).
Comes with safety pins and j hooks.
Has built in pull-up bar.

The bad
Has slight left to right movement(sway).
Pull up bar has odd knurling some may find uncomfortable.
Is not as heavy as expected(but in all fairness is very sturdy when fully assembled.)
The safety pin on one side is difficult to insert and remove due to some twisting/misalignment on one if the pillars.

The fixes
Re-torquing the bolts after a day or two of use takes a lot of the sway out, a permanent fix I plan to add is a k member on the non pull-up side.

Pull up bar could easily be wrapped with some tape, but in all honestly it dosnt bother me.

titan t3 power rackTitan T3 power rack review
After reading many reviews and a few questions to Titan, I pulled the trigger on the rack. Customer service was quick to answer my initial questions and the order shipped within one business day. I received the rack within 2 days and the packaging was in good shape – that seemed to be the biggest concern with previous customers. It bolted together in under an hour and everything looks good. You cannot beat the price of $409 for a 2″x3″ rack.

I definitely recommend bolting this down before use, and I would recommend the rack to others. It seems like Titan has worked through many of the earlier production issues – at least based on my experience.

Question: What is the biggest difference between the Titan HD power rack vs FringeSport or others? One of the biggest is the price of under $400 for Titan and $700 for the leading brand (we can’t say their name). You are paying more for the name of the big brand.

Question: What other attachments will fit on titan t3? Several of the attachments from other gear companies will fit on the T3 just double check the hole patterns.

Question: Where can I find out more info about CrossFit? Check out the CF main website here:

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