Rep Fitness Excalibur vs Bomba barbell

Check out these reviews, comparisons and pricing for the RepFitness Excalibur vs Bomba barbell and you make the decision which one you want for your home garage gym.

Construction and Durability:

Rep Fitness Excalibur: The Excalibur barbell is constructed with high-strength steel and has a tensile strength of 216,200 PSI. It features a 28mm diameter shaft and a robust 4-needle bearing system for smooth rotations.

Fringesport Bomba: The Bomba barbell is also made from high-strength steel with a tensile strength of 190,000 PSI. It has a slightly thicker 29mm diameter shaft and incorporates a 4-needle bearing system for optimal spin.


Rep Fitness Excalibur: The Excalibur barbell has a medium-depth knurling pattern that strikes a balance between providing grip without being overly aggressive. It offers a reliable grip for a variety of lifts and exercises.
Fringesport Bomba: The Bomba barbell features a more aggressive knurling pattern that provides a firm grip for heavy lifting. It is designed to ensure stability during intense workouts and cater to the preferences of those who prefer a more aggressive feel.

Coating and Finish:

Rep Fitness Excalibur: The Excalibur barbell comes with a durable hard chrome finish that provides excellent resistance against corrosion and wear. It has a sleek, polished appearance.

Fringesport Bomba: The Bomba barbell features a black oxide finish, which provides good corrosion resistance. It has a slightly rougher texture compared to hard chrome, which some users prefer for a better grip.

Weight Capacity:

Rep Fitness Excalibur: The Excalibur barbell has a high weight capacity of 1,500 pounds, making it suitable for powerlifting and heavy lifting routines.
Fringesport Bomba: The Bomba barbell also has a robust weight capacity of 1,500 pounds, making it suitable for powerlifting and other strength training exercises.


Rep Fitness Excalibur: The Excalibur barbell is typically priced in the mid-to-high range, reflecting its quality construction and performance.

Fringesport Bomba: The Bomba barbell is usually priced in a similar range to the Excalibur, offering a good balance between quality and affordability.
$379 at FringeSport

FringeSport Bomba Mens barbell Review
I’ve used a TON of different bars during my five decades in the gym; anything from crappy 31mm economy bars that hardly spin to the Ohio bar (duh!) and Pendlay Nexgen HD bar. I have owned a Bomba Bar version 1 for several years now in my outdoor gym. The Bomba bar fits somewhere towards the top end of what I’ve used. The 28.5mm diameter of the shaft is pretty common for what you’re going to find on bars that are geared towards Crossfit since it’s right there in between 28mm Oly bars and 29mm power bars. I like that it has a high tensile strength of 201,000 PSI which means it can hold up to anything I can throw at it.

Rep Fitness Elite Excalibur Barbell Review
I first came onto the Rep Fitness Excalibur during the search for my first Crossfit barbell. While all the specifications sold me on the bar, the name was unknown to me, so I went with the Ohio bar instead. Fast forward 5 or so months later, my curiosity got the best of me, and I ended up with an Excalibur in addition to my Ohio bar. I hate to think that my decision in the first place to order the Ohio bar wasn’t the right decision; the Rep Fitness Excalibur is the best bar that I’ve used and owned.

Honestly, if there was more literature or videos on the Excalibur at the time, I’m not sure my original decision would have been the same. It’s pretty fair to say that the Rep Fitness Excalibur has a lot going for it on paper. I don’t even know of another bar that has even close to the same tensile strength in a bar that costs under $300. The closest competitor is probably the Pendlay Nexgen HD, coming in at 190K PSI, but costing almost $50 more (too bad the MDUSA sale is over on them). Stat for stat, it pretty much demolishes anything in the $300 range. Let me reassure you that this bar doesn’t just talk to the talk.

The bottom line, both the Rep Fitness Excalibur and the Fringesport Bomba barbell are solid options with durable construction, high weight capacities, and reliable performance. The choice between the two largely depends on personal preferences regarding knurling aggressiveness, finish, and price.

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