Concept2 SkiErg reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for the Concept2 SkiERg and you make the best decision if it is good enough for your next workouts.

This machine takes up very little room (mounts on the wall) and can give you a mighty cardio workout in a short period of time.

I have used it in CrossFit competitions and it was recently used in the CrossFit Games.

The SkiERG cost about $700 and is easy to maintain.

Concept 2 Ski ERG review by Lori:
I bought the SkiErg (and stand) as an alternative to the rower because of a knee injury. I read, read, and read some more and discovered this machine. All I can say is…WOW – the Concept2 SkiErg is great !

It’s a full-body workout that I can adapt to my injured knee, and as I heal I can adjust my abilities to get the maximum benefit from my workout.

I’ve cross-country skied before, but not a lot and only traditional, but the double poling wasn’t at all difficult to master.

There are a few good videos on youtube and a brief, but very good instructional clip on the Concept2 website.

Video of Ski Erg exercises

Check out the Concept2 SkiErg machine @

Concept 2 Ski Erg review by Rhea:
concept2 skierg machine reviewI brought this machine directly from concept 2. Took me a long time to assemble but once it was all done, I just fell in love with it. I just did my workout in it for 70 minutes.

This is total body workout machine and works every major muscle and body part from head to toe. The Concept2 SkiErg increases stamina, aids in significant weight loss and helps sleep better too.

Also it relaxes and calms you after you’re done. However, I must say that this product is incomplete without the floor stand which is sold separately for 230 dollars.

I have already lost 20 lbs using this machine and the concept 2 indoor rower combined for about 6 hours a week. Definitely one of the best exercise machines I have ever used

SkiErg by Concept2 Product Review Video

Concept 2 Ski Erg review by JohnC:
One of my friends came over to the garage gym who thought he was really fit. He looked at the erg and thought it would be an easy workout. So we jumped in on a partner  500-400-300-200-100 workout.

At about the 300 mark he had to step out of the garage gym to throw up. He had no idea this machine could be such a hard workout.

If you want a great cardio workout this is the go to machine. Also love it for a cool down  at a low speed after a hard workout.

Question: Where can I find out more about International Rowing competitions? Check out the website here:

Question: What is the price on a skierg? It is about $700 at Amazon – check here:.

Question: Which do you prefer in the gym a skierg vs rower?

Answer: The rower is more common but you are seeing the ski erg in more gyms now.

Question: What would be another great workout on this device?
How about a 1 mile race for time? Winner buys.

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