DIY Strongman Equipment

strongman stone ballIf you have a desire to get stronger and have a little extra time on your hands – you can build strongman equipment for your garage gym.

It is not too hard to start out – you just need a little bit of time and be patient.

Check out these tips and videos on how to “Do it Yourself” and make some cool gear.

You can get some really burly workouts with gear that you can make at home. We have filled up buckets with concrete and a chain to use for lifting.

Question: Do Strongman competitors use anything on their hands to help improve grip when they are training?

Some guys use a product called Spider Tack that can help grip a stone or rope a lot better.

How to make Atlas stones

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If you don’t have the funds for an atlas stone you can find a big rock and use that or look for downed log in the forest and try to use that.

DIY Strongman Log

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Questions from athletes in our gym and readers online.

Question: Coach, what do you do about training with logs?

Answer: We got some rough cut timbers from the saw mill and sanded them down and now use them to train with. It does not cost much to get a good log for training.

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