EXF Rings vs TRX Suspension Trainer

EXF Rings vs. TRX Suspension Trainer – A Comprehensive Comparison

Suspension trainers have gained immense popularity in recent years for their versatility and effectiveness in providing full-body workouts. EXF Rings and TRX Suspension Trainer are two of the leading options in this category. In this comparison review, we will evaluate and contrast these two fitness tools based on various criteria, including design, versatility, setup, durability, and price.

Design and Construction:

EXF Rings:

EXF Rings feature two independent adjustable rings connected to sturdy straps.
The rings are typically made from high-quality wood, providing a comfortable and non-slip grip.
The adjustable straps are usually made from durable nylon material with easy-to-use buckles.
TRX Suspension Trainer:

TRX Suspension Trainer is a single anchor point system with a central anchor and adjustable handles.
The handles on the TRX are typically made of foam and have integrated grips for added comfort.
TRX straps are made from high-quality nylon and feature cam buckles for quick and secure adjustments.

EXF Rings:

EXF Rings offer excellent versatility for bodyweight training exercises like dips, rows, pull-ups, and more.
They are particularly well-suited for ring-based exercises, making them a great choice for gymnasts and calisthenics enthusiasts.
TRX Suspension Trainer:

TRX Suspension Trainer provides a wide range of exercises targeting the entire body, including squats, push-ups, planks, and more.
TRX also offers a comprehensive library of workout programs and exercises through their app, making it a versatile tool for all fitness levels.
Setup and Portability:

EXF Rings:

EXF Rings require a sturdy anchor point like a pull-up bar, tree branch, or ceiling hook for installation.
They are portable but may require more effort to set up and take down.
TRX Suspension Trainer:

TRX Suspension Trainer can be easily anchored to a door frame, ceiling, tree, or any secure point.
TRX is highly portable, and its setup is quicker and more convenient.

EXF Rings:

EXF Rings are known for their durability, with the wooden rings and high-quality nylon straps designed to withstand intense workouts.
They are less prone to wear and tear over time.
TRX Suspension Trainer:

TRX products are built to last, with robust nylon straps and well-constructed handles.
They are also designed to withstand heavy use and frequent adjustments.

EXF Rings:

EXF Rings are often considered a more budget-friendly option compared to TRX Suspension Trainer.
The cost varies depending on the quality of materials used and additional accessories included.
TRX Suspension Trainer:

TRX Suspension Trainer tends to be on the higher end of the price spectrum.
However, it often includes access to their extensive app and workout programs.


In summary, both EXF Rings and TRX Suspension Trainer offer effective suspension training options with unique features. The choice between the two depends on your specific fitness goals, budget, and preferences. EXF Rings are a fantastic choice for those looking for an affordable and durable solution for ring-based exercises.

On the other hand, TRX Suspension Trainer provides a more versatile and convenient option with a higher price point but offers an extensive library of workouts and exercises. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your individual fitness needs and priorities.

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