How to Install a Pull up Bar in the Garage Gym

Are you looking to build up your body but don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a globo-gym membership?

Need to find a way to knock out a quick workout but only have a few dollars to spend?

Check out out these easy tips to set up your own pull up bar in your garage gym.

How to Install a Pull up Bar in the Garage

You will quickly be on your way to doing workouts in a short amount of time.

CrossFit – How to make pull-up bar for a garage gym

Check out the Wright Exercise Wall Pull Up Bar @

Tip #1
With a tape measure check the spacing of the beams in the ceiling (joist). For best results you will want to mount the pull up bar to more than one beam. Joist are typically spaced 16 inches apart.

CrossFit pull up workout #1
20 minute AMRAP
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
note rounds completed

exf rings vs suspension trainerQuestion: I can’t do a pull up or chin up. What is the best way to learn?

I would use wooden gymnastic rings and set them up so that your feet touch the ground.

Then I would slowly pull myself back up to the rings like rowing.

We call these ring rows and they are a very good way to begin learning how to do pull ups.

Video – How to make your own homemade garage pullup pull up bar chin

Check out the MDUSA Wall Mount Pull-Up System @

Tip #2
Get everything ready and then attach the mounting board with lag bolts / appropriate screws. You may want to drill pilot holes to make it easier to screw in. Use at least two bolts for each joist. Once mounted, test the board to make sure it does not shift.

CrossFit Workout #2
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes Run 400m
Max rep pul-lups
Note number of pull-ups each round.

Question: Is it ok to wear gloves when doing pull ups?

Yes; the famous Bar-Barians wear gloves so we think it is ok. You will not be able to wear gloves at BUDS or Special Forces training.

We like the RockTape G-LOVES although they are a little expensive you can use them for a Spartan Race also.

CrossFit Garage Gym: DIY Pull Up Bar

Tip #3
Mount the pull up bar to the mounting bar.  Or if you have a Stud Bar Pull up rig then attach directly to the joist.

Tip #4
Lightly weight the pull up bar to test the strength. Then add your weight (you may want to put a pad underneath in case pull up bar shifts. Then swing back and forth and finally – do a pull up. Congrats – your now have your own pull up bar in your new garage gym.

CrossFit Workout #3
CF Baseline
500 meter row
40 air squats
30 situps
20 pushups
10 pull ups
post time to comments

Question: I don’t have much time and am I very handyman like.

What is about the easiest pull up bar to install that you can recommend? I need to attach it to the wooden overhead joist in my garage.

We like the Stud Bar Pull up Bar for a garage gym. Rogue Fitness makes one also that is very similar.

CrossFit – How to Build a Garage Gym Rogue Style

Check out the JFit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar @

Tip #5
If you have space above the joist – you may want to add a swinging pull up bar.  Take a chain and drape over joist and secure with nuts and bolts or locking ring. You can then attach a pipe to the chain.  Drill a hole through the pipe to add bolts or an eyelet.  You can also use webbing but make sure you put a piece of cloth to reduce wear on the joist above.

In our garage gym we installed our pull up bar connected on the beams above in the ceiling. It works very well and is solid.

Questions from athletes in our gym and our readers online.

Question: “Coach, what are some other ingenious ways to attach a chin up bar to the a beam?”. I have seen a bar placed through the rafters and then secured with webbing. When you are pulling down on the bar it can’t be pulled through the rafter so it is very secure.

Question: My hands get ripped when I do a lot of pull ups. What can I do to help prevent that or at least repair them some? There are a lot of hand repair products out on the market. One that we like is Monkey Hands – All Natural Hand Goo Designed to Combat Hand Rips. Check this stuff out as it it getting good reviews.

Question: What is a good diameter for a garage pull up bar? a good size pull up bar diameter is 1 and a quarter to 1.5 inches. The pull up bar at BUDS Navy SEAL training is 2 inches in diameter which is much harder to do pull ups on.

Question: Coach, I am running low on money, can you tell me how to build your own Rogue pull up rig? You can try to build a CrossFit rig but unless your good with metal fabrication then it will be hard to replicate the quality of a professional rig.

Question: How hard is it to make a crossfit rig? It is harder to make a CrossFit rig than set up a simple pull up rig in your garage. You can try and make one and probably have ok success with building a CrossFit rig – but you have to take into account the time you will spend and mistakes you will make. It is easier to just buy a CrossFit rig but it may be more fun to make your own.

Question: So I can attach pullup bar to ceiling joist? Yes; check out how the joist lay out and the dimensions of your pull up bar. Check out the tips and videos above.

Question: What is the best way to make a homemade chin up bar garage? Use a double PVC pipe (one inside the other) and rig webbing through it and wrap around the beams in the ceiling. Cost is about $8.

Question: How do you build your grip up enough to do pull ups? First I would start out doing Australian pull ups. You can also just hang from the bar to build up your grip. Try to hang for 15 seconds. Then 30 seconds and build up.

Question: Do you have any ceiling mounted pull up bar plans?
Answer: Yes; check out the pull up bar installation video plans above.

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