Iron Woody Band Reviews

iron woody bands review

Iron Woody Bands are not just for powerlifting and weightlifting.

Each band is 41 inches long and can be used for many things in the garage gym.

Great for warmup and stretching and assisted pull ups.

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Iron Woody resistance bands can be used for:
Speed and agility training
Flexibility exercises
General conditioning


Below are some very general guidelines for band usage. Trial and error may be necessary to find the band best suited to your particular fitness level and usage:

Mini and Super-mini Bands #1 (Purple) & #2 (Red) are best for general conditioning, rehabilitation, stretching, jumping, speed training, aerobics, and for lifters as assistance for the upper body to increase the resistance for biceps and triceps. All of these are great for beginners and light weightlifters. Both can be used to safely increase the intensity of a workout without adding additional weights to a bar. For the stronger lifter, they will add considerable resistance to bicep and tricep exercises.

Large, X-Large, & Monster Bands #5 (Black), #6 (Purple) & #7 (Red) are usually used for obtaining maximum resistance with squats, deadlifts, leg presses and shrugs. The bands are 41 inches in length.


These bands are absolute game-changers, exactly what I needed for my training regimen. Dual bands, perfect for bar workouts and adaptable to bench and row machines. I’ve incorporated them into my CrossFit sessions for a few weeks now, and they’ve become a crucial part of my routine. Sporting a vibrant red hue, these bands offer a resistance range from 10 to 50 pounds each, delivering precisely the challenge I was seeking. Ideal for any serious bodybuilder or powerlifter engaged in CrossFit training, these bands are of top-notch quality, although the pricing seems a tad steep, about 30% more than expected. Nevertheless, I’d readily purchase them again as no other bands of such high quality were found. Comparing Ironwood versus WODFitters, both stand on equal ground in terms of performance.

These bands are exactly as described, durable and thick, meeting the demands of my pull-ups and chin-ups routine. I opted for two bands initially, uncertain if one could handle my 190-pound body weight. However, to my surprise, using both together proved more than sufficient.

Having experienced these bands during workouts at CrossFit Grinder in Atlanta, I’ve found their versatility to be exceptional. They’re a perfect fit for various exercises, especially aiding in pull-ups without the need for knots. Although one band was missing upon delivery, the seller responded promptly, rectifying the issue by sending the missing band along with a thoughtful t-shirt.

They’ve been a fantastic addition to my weight training and arm wrestling routines, essential for my competitive sports. Comparing Ironwood to Rogue Fitness resistance bands in my home gym, there’s minimal discrepancy between the two.

Despite the seller’s reliability concerns, the product itself is dependable, providing excellent versatility for on-the-go trainers. It caters to all needs, from enhancing flexibility to building strength, making it ideal for athletes’ progression or rehabilitation of injuries. Offering good value for its quality, this set includes a pair of bands. However, if prompt delivery is crucial, there might be better options available. Ultimately, this well-made investment in resistance bands comes highly recommended for anyone in need of reliable fitness equipment.

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