OneFitWonder 2 Piece Squat Stand Review

OneFitWonder 2 Piece Squat Stand Review

The OneFitWonder Econ 2 Piece Squat Stand fills a hole in the marketplace for a solid, inexpensive squat stand with some nice bonus features.

The OFW stands combined weigh 60 lbs and being a 2-piece stand, they are ultra portable.

OFW Squat stand review by Eric P.
5 out of 5 stars
Very happy with the quality of the stand. Best price & quality I’ve seen. The assembly instructions where not very thorough, but it isn’t complicated. Fringe has great follow up.

Video – OFW Squat stand review

OFW Econ squat stand review
Excellent customer service!!
I am very pleased with my purchase from FringeSport. I ordered my product and they were out of stock, FringeSport contacted me right away and offered an upgraded version at no extra charge. The item was a gift and they were highly pleased with the product. Thank you for your care and concern for your customers! it is highly appreciated. We will buy.

OFW econ indy stands review by Cory S.
For the money you can’t get much better. Solid enough with 150ish pounds up at shoulder height. I like that they have the solid plastic liner on the top and lower rack arms.

These also feature a bench / spotter arm lined with ABS Plastic that allows you to pull from much lower than the usual minimum of indy squat stands.

Ultra-Portable – easy to move out to the driveway and push into a corner when you are finished
400 lb capacity will handle plenty for average lifters
ABS plastic lined arm for floor or bench press
Good size base counter balanced for safe racking
Can adjust bar height from 38.5″ (lowest point from the ground to lip of the upright) to 58.5″
Spotter arms rest at 34″ from the base to the spotter arms
Package Contents and Specifications

1xOneFitWonder Econ Squat Stand (Pair of individuals)
– Color: Black; Weight: 60 lbs; Material: Steel; Origin: China

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: Coach, I am looking for a good econ 2 piece squat stand, what can you recommend. Take a look at the OneFitWonder squat stand above.

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OneFitWonder 2 Piece Squat Stand Review

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