Top 10 CrossFit Gear from Get RXd Equipment

get rxd top 10 crossfit gearWe talk to so many athletes that love to workout in their garage gym and what their top 10 list of CrossFit gear they like.

They dont have to drive long distance and fight traffic.

Once at the globo gym you have to fight others for the barbells and wipe up their sweat between sets.

Forget about paying for that scene and put a few dollars into your home garage gym. You will not regret it.

get rxd wod bar#1) WOD Barbells 5.0
The bars are 190K Steel, hard chrome coating sleeves with other coating options to choose from, needle-bearing spin, great price point on this quality barbell.

You can drop this bar from overhead high with #45’s and no problem.

It has two oil-Impregnated bushings and two oversized-needle bearings

These bars start at $160 and have a women’s 15kg also. You can pick up a hard chrome bar for $180.

#2) Xebex Rowers
xebex rower
Backed with over 20 years of experience the Xebex rower gives you an affordable rower for your garage gym.

The rower has a 110LB base and folds to less than half the footprint.

You can move it around your gym really easy as it rolls away on four wheels with the push of one hand.

It is a much more comfortable rowing experience than the C2 and allows you to row for longer with a smoother pull, smoother seat rail slide, and seat is higher off ground.

The Xebex is a great alternative to the C2 Rower at a lower price.

#3) Xebex Air Bikes
This bike has a heavier, more sturdy base, higher quality/more sensitive console to speed changes and calories, more durable design (esp the linkage between handlebar and crank

The Get RXd Xebex bike uses a universal joint that can move in any direction instead of bushing that only moves in 2 direction so lasts way longer).

The Xebex ($849) compares to the AirDyne Ad Pro ($1299) and AirAssault air bike ($999 at Rogue Fitness). You can get an AD6 for $350 but it is not a comparable air bike.

rage-medicine ball#4) Premium Wall Balls
Rage Fitness wall balls have a double stitched exterior shell, PVC/nylon with added reinforcement underneath so doesn’t stretch/loosen as much over time

The Rage Fitness wall ball has a rubber core gives you a better bounce, stays tight and all individually balance tested so you don’t have that one ball that is warped.

#5) Premium Bumper Plates 2.0
– literally the strongest bumpers on the market. 10/15 are wider and harder than most competitors so don’t waffle at all with ShoreA durometer rating of 94

#6) Guillotine (squat rack / pull-up bar combo)
comes with a TON of features: monster j-cups, spotter arms, dip station using the peg bars, peg bars can be used for banded resistance, fat and skinny pull-up bar, super stable 6’x4′ 160LB base

#7) GHD
adjusts height for athletes in seconds, 145LB unit is super stable, over-sized half moon pads for comfort, step plate for safe and easy entry/exit

#8) Premium Kettlebells
– rust resistant finish, color coded handles, machined flat base so it sits even on ground, handles are all consistently sized with no weld lines by using gravity casting process

#9) Home gym starter packs (home gym packages)
home gym packages are the best bang for your buck in value. Free shipping. Applied discounts across board to all products. Also have option to add rower and bike to your packages with special pricing on rower and bike

#10) Pull-Up Rigs

We have tons of options once you click through and land on this page for example:
Inside each product is a bunch more customizations you can do

If you’re targeting mostly home gym, then might be better to use #10 for:
10) Stealth Bars
8 needle bearings, 216K PSI, hard chrome sleeves – really really nice OLY bar at a great price point

Question: What about the get rxd stealth bar vs texas bar 8 needle bearings? The Stealth bar is $270 and hard chrome. The Texas bar starts at $200 and is black oxide with hard chrome. They do have a Texas bar with 8 needle bearings for competition that is $290.

Question: What about the Xebex rower vs C2 rower? The Xebex cost less $849 and offers everything that the C2 $900 has and more.

Question: Where can I find Get Rxd coupon codes? We will list a few on this page.

Discount and coupon codes
#1: The Xebex rower ships free and is discounted $200.
#2: The Xebex air bike is marked down $150 and ships free

Question: How can I find out more info about CrossFit? Check out the main website here:

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