Chad Augustin CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Chad Augustin CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile
Region: Northern California
Team: RCF Honey Badgers
Affiliate: Rocklin CrossFit
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 170 lb

Occupation:  Fire Captain, Sacramento Fire Department.  I also work part-time for PHI Air medical out of Modesto California.  It is a life flight helicopter.  Super fun job

Family:  Married to Sandra Augustin.  Sandra is a professional fitness competitor who now loves Olympic lifting and is starting to Crossfit.  She is the love of my life. We also have a black lab named Gertrude.  She is my running partner.

Hometown: Elk Grove (near Sacramento)
How long have you been doing CrossFit:  About 1 ½ years.  I was hoping to compete in the 2009 qualifiers, but ruptured my bicep tendon competing in a competition.  Had about 6 months off for recovery.  2010 was my first full year of Crossfitting.

Chad Augustin CrossFit Benchmark Workouts
Fran: Fran: 2:26 ( Gary and I recently did the “Fran OFF” competition at Crossfit Sweat Shop. I did that workout 8 times in under three hours. It will not hurt my feelings if I don’t do it again for a while)
Helen —
Grace —
Filthy 50 —
Fight Gone Bad —
Sprint 400m —
Run 5k —

Weightlifting Stats
Clean & Jerk
Snatch —
Deadlift: 485
Back Squat —
Max Pull-ups 53


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