Joey Warren CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Joey Warren CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile
Name: Joey Warren
Region: Northern California
aTeam:CrossFit Cadence
Affiliate:CrossFit Cadence
Age: 29
Weight:185 lb

CrossFit Benchmark workouts
Fran 2:24
Helen 7:26
Grace 1:37
Filthy 50 —
Fight Gone Bad 440
Sprint 400m 0:56
Run 5k —

Joey Warren Weightlifting stats
Clean & Jerk 265 lb
Snatch 205 lb
Deadlift 405 lb
Back Squat 355 lb
Max Pull-ups 60

Dianne: 3:19
Fran: 2:24 (2:40 CTB)
Helen: 7:26
Grace: 1:37
Isabel: 1:57
Jackie: 5:50
FGB: 440
Clean & Jerk: 265lb
Snatch: 205lb
Back Squat: 355lb
Bench Press: 300lb
Deadlift: 405lb
Overhead Squat: 265lb
Max Pullups: 60 (50 CTB)
400m Run: :56
800m Run: 2:14
1 mile run: 4:56
500m Row: 1:23
1k Row: 3:00
2k Row: 6:40
5k Row: 18:08

CrossFit Competition Results
2011 Norcal Regionals: 5th
2010 Crossfit Games: 13th
2010 Southwest Regionals: 4th
2009 Crossfit Games: 54th
2009 Norcal Regionals: 4th

Diet: 80 to 90% Paleo

Athletic background:
Cal Poly SLO football


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