Heather Bergeron – CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Heather Bergeron

CrossFit Athlete Profile

Heather BergeronHeight: 5’5″
Weight: 131 lbs.
Age: 33

Started CrossFit: Fall, 2007
Training Facility: CrossFit New England
Coach/Trainer: Ben Bergeron

Occupation/School: Stonehill College
Studying: English/Philosophy

Heather Bergeron Supplement Use:
I just started using PROGENEX regularly a few months before the Games this year, and can’t live without it now.

I take PROGENEX approximately 17 minutes following a workout, regardless of the “kind” of workout (strength vs. endurance).

Originally, I just went by recommendations from other coaches/athletes, but now am totally sold on the stuff. Can’t even stomach other brands any more. If I”m going to train as hard as I do, eat as clean as I do, and try to recover as consistently as I do, WHY the hell would I use anything but the best post-recovery whey that is out there?

Heather BergeronHeather Bergeron Training Regime:
Heather Bergeron CrossFit Typical Training Week: Three days on/one off (strength + WOD + endurance daily)

Heather Bergeron Nutrition: Approximately 97-98% Paleo (what “most” people would consider “Paleo,” ie, allowing jerky, occasional dried fruit).  Click here and check out this article on a recipe that Heather Bergeron likes to cook for great nutrition post workout.

Heather Bergeron CrossFit Stats:
Fran: 2:57
Helen: 8:02
Grace: 2:26
Filthy Fifty: 22:35
Max Pull-ups (Butterfly): 41

Heather Bergeron CrossFit Weightlifting Stats
Deadlift: 285
Squat: 230
Snatch: 140
Squat Clean: 180
Clean & Jerk: 185

Heather Bergeron Competitions/Titles:
2010 New England Sectional, 1st
2010 Northeast Regional, 1st
2010 CrossFit Games, 8th
2010 Hybrid Strongman Competition, 1st
2009 Northeast Qualifier, 3rd
2009 CrossFit Games, 17th

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Heather Bergeron

– CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile