Jason Khalipa CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 215 lbs.
Age: 24
Started Crossfit: December, 2007
Training Facility: CrossFit Santa Clara
Occupation: Gym Owner

Jason “My goals are to increase the awareness of CrossFit around the world and to win the 2011 CrossFit Games.”

Jason Khalipa Typical Training Week:
Six days a week. Before a competition, 2 or 3 times a day.

Jason Khalipa Diet-Nutrition:
Mainly primal style food. Before a competition, I will zone my food as well.

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Jason Khalipa on Supplements:
With the amount of volume that I train, it is important for me to be able to recover quickly. PROGENEX has allowed me to feel less sore and overall recover quicker.

I take the PROGENEX Recovery product daily after each training session. I like the chocolate flavor the best.

CrossFit Stats:
Fran: 2:23
Cindy: 28
Helen: 7:17
Grace: 1:35
Filthy Fifty: 17:30

CrossFit stats
Max Pull-ups (Butterfly): 40
Deadlift: 535
Bench: 380
Squat: 430
Snatch: 225
Squat Clean: 315
Power Clean: 302
Clean & Jerk: 315
Fran: 2:23
Cindy: 26 rounds
Linda: 22:30
Helen: 7:36
Diane: 3:59
Grace: 1:43
Fight Gone Bad: 417
Filthy Fifty: 20:21
Max Pull-ups: 35
Favorite WOD: Pretty much any girl WOD.
Favorite Lift: Clean
Least Favorite WOD: Eva
Least Favorite Lift: Snatch

2010 CrossFit Games Top 16 Finisher
2009 CrossFit Games/Spirit of the Games 5th Place
2008 CrossFit Games Champion

Notes: During the 2011 CrossFit Games he placed first the L-sit displaying impressive core strength but later fell short on the softball throw.

Twitter account

Video – Jason Khalipa on muscle ups

We have had a few athletes email us asking about steroid use in CrossFit as they are seeing athletes that train CrossFit achieve greater mass than natural bodybuilders not on steroids. Rumor has it he has a tattoo.

Question: What is Jason Khalipa’s diet? Does he eat clean? Yes; Jason does not eat dirty fuel.

Question: What is Jason Khalipa power clean max? The last power clean stat we have is 302 lbs. but am sure he has beat that number.

Question: Is Jason going team in 2015? He has been a fixture at the CF games for 7 years and had 3 finishes on the podium and the word is that he is going team in 2015.

Question: What is his net worth? He owns several gyms and is sponsored and consults on gym projects so he is probably bringing in more than a few dollars to pay the rent.

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