Neal Maddox CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Neil Maddox placed 9th in the CrossFit Games 2013.
Neil Maddox CrossFit StatsRegion:Northern California
Affiliate:CrossFit X-treme Athletics
Weight:199 lb

CrossFit Benchmark workout stats
Fran 2:04
Helen 7:45
Grace 1:35
Filthy 50 14:34
Fight Gone Bad 505
Sprint 400m 1:10
Run 5k 0:00

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Sectional: NorCal – 1st Place
Regional: Southwest
Athletic Background: Football, Track, and  Wrestling. College level D1 football for 4 years.

In NorCal Sectional, Neil finished within the top five in all of the four workouts that took place in the weekend. Maddox has a background in professional sports.

Neal Maddox CrossFit quote “if you have never asked yourself what the F%*% am I doing this for then you have not trained hard enough.”

Max lifts
Clean & Jerk 315 lb
Snatch 294 lb
Deadlift 505 lb
Back Squat 455 lb
Max Pull-ups 60


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Neal Maddox

CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

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