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gun casket coupon codeCheck out the updated Gun Casket coupon codes and discounts.

Want to protect your weapons and out of harms way — check out our gear.

Get ready for Gun Casket black Friday deals.

USE Gun Casket COUPON CODE: Free Safe

Protect your weapons and family with Gun Casket® gun safes as they are second to none. No other safe offers the same quality and provides you with the ability to safely and securely store your gun while allowing quick access to it.

For a limited time, when you purchase a shotgun safe, we will throw in a pocket pistol safe* absolutely free!

USE Gun Casket COUPON CODE: Free Safe

“My neighbor’s kid shot himself in the leg with an ‘unloaded’ gun a few weeks back…, it wouldn’t have happened if his [profanity] dad had locked his gun up. This safe would be perfect for him… I’m going to tell him about your safes..” – Anonymous 4/5/2011 Get 10% Off and Free Shipping, use code Guncasket10FS. Coupon Code: Guncasket10FS

Gun Casket Black Shotgun Safe – Order Now at $299 and Save 10% Plus Free Shipping!, Use Coupon Code Guncasket10FS. Coupon Code: Guncasket10FS

“How do you secure a home defense shotgun? With a young child at home, I needed a completely secure safe for my Remington 870 Tactical with quick, easy access. After researching all options, I bought the Gun Casket to store the 870 under our bed.

The safe is slim, light, attractive and well built. Perfect size. The locking mechanism is excellent. This is the perfect solution for securely storing a shotgun.

Outstanding quality. Highly recommended.” – Michael 04/16/2013

Question: How can I protect my gun owner rights? Become a member of the NRA here:

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