DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review

Check out the specifications, features and a review for the DPMS AR-15 Barrel.

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The DPMS AR-15 Barrel is match quality, drop-in, and ready-to-shoot.
High-quality barrels improve accuracy while maintaining the mil-spec look and feel. Front sight tower and barrel nut are pre-installed for ease of installation (sight post, spring and detent must be purchased separately).

DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review
This is the first of these barrels I have purchased. The quality is excellent with a good finish and well built. I also like the fact it will shoot 5.56 military ammo and 223. Barrel is stamped DPMS 5.56 1:9 inch twist. It will easily handle the 69 grain ammo.

Rifle Ammo in Stock

I haven’t yet tried 75’s or 80’s yet. It hasthe heavy barrel configuration under the handguardand M4 feed ramps. It is not set up for a flash hider but has the competition 11-12 degree crown.I will purchase more of these barrels in the future. It seems anything Brownells puts their name on is top quality stuff. DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review

The DPMS was originally developed for the US Navy SEAL Team.

DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review
I got this barrel quick,tech support was out standing. put the barrel on and started the break-in procedure[did it for waranty purposses]–I was amazed at how accurate it was at 100yds. I use my ar mostly for target shooting,I would buy one of these in a heart beat. remember a gun is only as accurate as the shootter. one half inch at 100 yds during break-in, “outstanding”.


Each barrel is stress relieved, headspaced and phosphate finished, ready to fit to your rifle. Button rifled with versatile 6 groove, 1-9″ twist to stabilize a wide range of bullet weights. All, except BL-11-M4 and BL-AP4, are heavy barrel contour, turned to .960″ diameter under the handguards, with bayonet lug and ½”-28 threaded muzzle.

BL-10P and BL-11P have crowned muzzle and no bayonet lug. Carbine-style BL-11-M4 is .640″ diameter under handguard. BL-12B is 11½” long and BL-AP4 is .700″ diameter under the handguard and 14½” long to provide a more compact, maneuverable package for M4 carbines. BL-68AP4 is a 6.8mm SPC Chambered16” M4 profile barrel; all NFA rules apply.

Armalite developed the very first the AR-15 rifle back in the 1950s. The abbreviation “AR” is for “ArmaLite Rifle”. It is often confused to mean “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle”. Colt purchased the design from ArmaLite in 1959. This particular rifle was initialy used during the Vietnam War by U.S. Army soldiers. This is where is was known as the “M-16”. Since then the AR design has evolved over the years and been popular among civilians. Ordinary people wanting to learn how to shoot a rifle find this to be a good option due to its relatively low price and ease of use.

Questions from our readers.

Question: I am looking for a DPMS 2 stage trigger for my AR-15 – where can I find that? Check out the 2 stage trigger set up at Brownells.com as they run about $99.

Question: Do you have a DPMS AR-15 barrel wrench review? Yes check out this Dpms Ar15 Armorers Multi-Tool and video below.

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