DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review

DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review

dpms ar15 The DPMS AR-15 Barrel is match quality, drop-in, and ready-to-shoot.
High-quality barrels improve accuracy while maintaining the mil-spec look and feel. Front sight tower and barrel nut are pre-installed for ease of installation (sight post, spring and detent must be purchased separately).

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DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review by Copperman
This is the first of these barrels I have purchased.The quality is excellent with a good finish and well built. I also like the fact it will shoot 5.56 military ammo and 223. Barrel is stamped DPMS 5.56 1:9 inch twist. It will easily handle the 69 gr. ammo. I haven’t yet tried 75’s or 80’s yet. It hasthe heavy barrel configuration under the handguardand M4 feed ramps. It is not set up for a flash hider but has the competition 11-12 degree crown.I will purchase more of these barrels in the future. It seems anything Brownells puts their name on is top quality stuff. DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review

The DPMS was originally developed for the US Navy SEAL Team.

Video – DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review

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DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review by Rex
got this barrel quick,tech support was out standing. put the barrel on and started the break-in procedure[did it for waranty purposses]–I was amazed at how accurate it was at 100yds. I use my ar mostly for target shooting,I would buy one of these in a heart beat. remember a gun is only as accurate as the shootter. one half inch at 100 yds during break-in, “outstanding”. DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review

Video – DPMS AR15 Heavy Barrel 24 Inch Target Rifle

DPMS AR-15 Barrel Details
Each barrel is stress relieved, headspaced and phosphate finished, ready to fit to your rifle. Button rifled with versatile 6 groove, 1-9″ twist to stabilize a wide range of bullet weights. All, except BL-11-M4 and BL-AP4, are heavy barrel contour, turned to .960″ diameter under the handguards, with bayonet lug and ½”-28 threaded muzzle. BL-10P and BL-11P have crowned muzzle and no bayonet lug. Carbine-style BL-11-M4 is .640″ diameter under handguard. BL-12B is 11½” long and BL-AP4 is .700″ diameter under the handguard and 14½” long to provide a more compact, maneuverable package for M4 carbines. BL-68AP4 is a 6.8mm SPC Chambered16” M4 profile barrel; all NFA rules apply. DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review

Questions from our readers.

Question: Where can I find quality reviews for the DPMS? Check out the video and reviews above.

Question: Who makes the best AR-15 uppers off the shelf? Several shooters say that DPMS makes a great upper receiver but there is a lot of debate which is best straight out of the box.

Question: I am looking for a DPMS 2 stage trigger for my AR-15 – where can I find that? Check out the 2 stage trigger set up at Brownells.com as they run about $99.

Question: Do you have any reviews for the DPMS AR-15 heavy barrel? Yes; check out the video review above.

Question: Do you have a DPMS AR-15 barrel wrench review? Yes check out this Dpms Ar15 Armorers Multi-Tool and video below.

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DPMS AR-15 Barrel Review