Daniel Defense AR-15 reviews

Daniel Defense AR-15 reviews

daniel defense AR-15 reviews
Daniel Defense AR-15 Review by Shadow
I was looking at the same options about a month back. I went the DD route. Many seem to hold Daniel Defense, Colt, and BCM in the same regards. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Colt is known more for their carbine while DD is known more for the midlength and long rails in my opinion. You’re size shouldn’t matter. I’m 6’0 and the 16″ doesn’t feel like a toy to me at all. I’d actually probably try an SBR if my state would legalize it. Find a range or some buddies that have what your looking for and hold the versions you’re looking at and see what feels right. That should help you decide.

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Daniel Defense AR-15 Review by FN
I’ve got a pair of each (Daniel Defense and Colt), have actually owned and have shot both. Colts for many years and the Daniel Defense for about 5.

I would say it depends on what You want to do with the gun? But in reality there is no bad choice between the two.

Daniel Defense has the rail system and they seem to be quite accurate out of the box.

Reliability shouldn’t be an issue with either choice. Both very well made with high quality parts. Both stand behind their products. As far as your size… I’m 6′-3″ and an AR fits me fine.

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Daniel Defense AR-15 reviews