Be The Exception Event

Be The Exception is a 10 hour Mental and Physical Training Event that will forever alter your expectations of what you are capable of.

You will be pushed to your perceived limits and then you will discover how much more you are truly able to achieve. You will never look at challenges and obstacles in the same way you used to….they will now be opportunities and possibilities that you will successfully confront head on.

Ordinary people accept “good enough”. Ordinary people accept “average”. Ordinary people have dreams but they don’t have the courage to struggle, day in and day out, to realize their dreams. The choice is very simple – you can be ordinary, just like everyone else, or you can Be The Exception.


Honor Performance Training Headquarters

Western Catskills of New York outside of Oneonta.

Saturday, September 10

6:00 AM – 4:00 PM (plan for it to go longer than 4:00 PM)

Gate will be unlocked at 5:00 AM, if you’re not early…’re late.


You will be tested for your maximum amount of reps, in 2 minutes, for

Pushups (minimum acceptable score is 40)
Sit ups (minimum acceptable score is 50)
Air Squats (minimum acceptable score is 50)


Following a disciplined weight lifting/bodyweight training program along with running and rucking with load. You will do countless burpees, pushups, squats, core movements, and a whole bunch of other surprises. Be Ready.

If you can’t keep up with the rest of the athletes, you will potentially hurt yourself and you will slow down the rest of the class. If this happens, you will be dropped from the Event and not allowed to participate. You will be asked to leave the training facility, there is no refund. Participants can get more advanced training ideas and programs by visiting


HPT…….Hard Physical Training. Throughout the day, there will be Mental and Physical Evolutions. There will be Leadership discussions. There will be a cadre of Coaches who are there to help you achieve your goals.

There will be huge successes and epic failures…it’s part of the process but in the end, if you come together as a TEAM, there will be a victory like no other you have achieved in your life.


A positive attitude. You can’t be a good leader if you can’t be a good follower.
Broken-in hiking boots and sneakers.
2 -3 solid white t-shirts with your last name stenciled on the front of the shirt.
2 pairs of BDU’s with a belt.
1 pair of work out shorts.
2-3 pairs of socks.
Booney Hat (if you need one)
Sun screen and bug spray.
Snacks (Protein bars, fruit, trail mix, etc. Don’t assume we have the type of energy snacks that you like.)
Reusable water bottle
Make sure you have your name written on all your clothes and gear.
You should also bring a dry change of clothes for after the Event to change into.


Yes. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.


We have arranged for special pricing at local hotels approximately 30 minutes from the Training Center. After the Event, you will be exhausted; both mentally and physically. You should plan on spending Saturday night at the hotel as well….driving home would not be a good decision. On Sunday, we will open the Training Center if you want to relax and enjoy the property.


BE THE EXCEPTION 10 Hour Mental and Physical Training Event $399.00

Sign up by July 1 and the price is $349.00



Jim Rutan – Direct questions to @honorperformancetraining on Instagram

Brad McLeod – Direct questions to brad@sealgrinderpt on email or text 404-906-0726 cell

Questions from SGPT Athletes

QUESTION: This is my first day long endurance event. How do I train and prepare for something like this?

ANSWER: I would be ruck hiking (20 lbs plus) on trails and trying to get some elevation. Check out SGPT rucking tips here:

I would be training in functional fitness with a sandbag and bodyweight workouts.

I would get used to getting in the water and mud and finding that it is good for your body.

I would also get my boots broken in and build up my feet so that they dont blister as much.

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