Sheepdog Training – Are You Ready for Anything at Anytime?

Are you ready for anything at anytime? Are you an asset to your community? Or just another liability?

We’ve just opened registration for our Sheepdog Training in North East County San Diego, CA.

It’s a two day event from Sept 19-20, and it’s the one place we teach the skills of hand-to-hand combat, firearm conflict, urgent medical care, and attack-prevention.

I want you to become a “Sheepdog.”

In rural areas, the sheepdog is the guardian that protects the sheep from the wolves. The sheepdog is kind and loving, but can turn into a lethal beast at a moment’s notice if a wolf shows up.

This is for people who want to be able to take care of themselves and their family, no matter what emergency comes their way.

We live in an unpredictable world where there are mass shootings, riots, instability, and more.


I’m not trying to stir fear, but I want to be realistic that these events do happen, they’re happening more frequently, and the chance of it happening when you or your family are nearby is a lot more than zero.

One thing I can guarantee is that ignoring the possibility is not going to help you anymore than an ostrich sticking its head in the sand protects it from predators.

While I do advise skipping “bad news” in the paper for your mental health… I also advise being completely prepared for if trouble comes your way.

Click here to learn all about Sheepdog Training and how it can save the life of someone you love.

I train regularly in this field myself, and so do my past Navy SEAL comrades.

We know we’re not bulletproof, and we know that our loved ones do not have our same training, So we stay calmly and peacefully alert for our surroundings and are prepared to act if needed.

This is not being “on edge.” In fact, we probably enjoy ourselves more because we know we’re prepared and can stay in the moment during family time.

I want to give you the same skills. This includes Threat Awareness, De-Escalation, and Emergency Prevention.

Hopefully, that’s all you’ll ever need.

But you’ll also learn Hand-to-Hand Combat, Tactical Firearm Shooting, and Urgent Medical Care, for the dark possibility you get stuck in a situation where you just have to deal with the crisis hands on.

We only teach this once a year, and this is the ONE TIME we’re making it available to non-members of Unbeatable Team (who pay $20,000 a year).

This is your chance. Maybe your only chance.

Click here to register for Sheepdog Training in NE County San Diego, CA on September 19-20. 2023.


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