DPMS Oracle vs Ruger AR-15

Check out these videos and tips when comparing the DPMS oracle vs the Ruger AR15 platform.

First off if you are new to all of this and looking for a new weapon to plink at the range or secure your homestead these are both good weapons.

DPMS stands for Defense Procurement Manufacturing Systems aka Panther Arms. They were bought out by Remington and are now built in Huntsville, Alabama.
You can get one of these black rifles stripped down to basic and no dust cover and front sight.

Rifle Ammo in Stock

TIP #1
All are very customizable so you need to decide what will be your purpose. Are you going to be plinking at the range, using it for home security or going hog hunting (more long range). When you know this about your weapon it will help you to pick any accessories or barrel length for starters.

Video AR-15 Comparison. Ruger, Bushmaster, DPMS

TIP #2:
The Ruger rifle has their own flip up sights that they add with the weapon. The Bushmaster comes with a red dot which I really like as an entry level red dot.

Video: High Quality and Low Price with the DPMS Oracle 5 56

Question: What do you think of the DPMS Oracle vs Bushmaster. Check out the top video and there are some good ideas about both systems in that video.

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