LWRC vs LMT AR15 Comparison Review

Check out the video and info from shooters that are using the LWRC rifle and how it compares to the LMT AR-15

In case you don’t know – LMT is Lewis Machine and Tool. LWRC stands for Land Warfare Resources Corporation.

TIP #1
It goes without saying but both weapons cost more than your average run of the mill black rifle. Both are Cadillac’s with a world class reputation.

LWRC vs LMT AR15 Short Stroke Piston Gun Comparison Review

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TIP #2
Both of the lower receivers are good in that that are mil spec and nothing funky designed into it.

Tip #3
You can change out the barrels pretty quick on the LMT Monolithic Rail Platform (MRP ) from 5.56 to calibers like 6.8 mm SPC.

TIP #4
The LMT’s upper is built out of one piece of milled aluminum. No seams and no welding. This means that there are no gaps in the rail so you can line up any combination of optics or sights and all will be aligned.

Question: What about the dpms oracle vs bushmaster qrc?

Answer: We are working on a review and comparison of those two weapons now.

Question: Where can I learn more about my gun rights in the United States?

Answer: Check out the National Rifle Association here:

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