Bushmaster Quick response carbine review

Check out the reviews and videos for the Bushmaster quick response carbine and you be the judge if it is worthy of being added to your arsenal.

TIP #1
The Bushmaster weapon can be bought in most any sporting goods or local firearms business – so it is easy to purchase. It comes with a red dot scope, cleaning cloth, magazine and a lock. You can pick one up from Cabelas or Brownells.

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TIP #2
1 in 8 twist barrel. Front sight gas block. Optic ready red dot. Mil spec. Adjustable stock. This is an entry level price point weapon at 7 to $750.

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TIP 3#
Even though the Bushmaster QRC is an entry level weapon you can build it up and adapt it as needed. You can change up the rails, add front and rear flip up sights or change out the red dot. I personally like the red dot as it is easy to use and hard to mess up.

What we like is the price vs the value you get for the weapon. This is a great black rifle to take out to the range and plink or even for home defense. I guarantee if someone sees you toting this in your house they are going to think twice – especially if you ping out a few rounds over their head.

What we don’t like. Hmmm. It is not a high end weapon and I probably would not take it overseas for a contracting job. But this weapon is not meant for that anyway.

Question: What about the bushmaster qrc vs dpms oracle? We are working on a comparison review of these two weapons now.

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