Unlocking the Strength Within: Top 10 Grip Strength Tips for Enhanced Performance

The power of a steadfast grip extends far beyond just holding onto objects—it’s a testament to resilience, control, and overall physical prowess. Whether you’re an athlete seeking to elevate your performance or someone aiming for a firmer grasp on everyday tasks, enhancing grip strength is pivotal.

In this guide, we delve into the Top 10 tips to fortify your grip, offering insights, techniques, and exercises that empower you to elevate your hand strength and dexterity. From SEALs to fitness enthusiasts, these strategies cater to all, unlocking the potential within your hands to conquer challenges and thrive in both sport and life.

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First off we have to ask the question…

Why is grip strength important?

Grip strength ain’t just about clasping things firmly; it’s the bedrock of resilience and control, a cornerstone of physical fortitude that extends far beyond merely holding onto stuff. For us, Navy SEALs, grip strength ain’t a luxury; it’s a necessity etched into every facet of our training. It’s what anchors us in hostile terrains, hoisting ourselves over obstacles, clinging to safety when the odds stack high against us.

From scaling treacherous cliffs to handling our gear in the field, a robust grip means the difference between triumph and downfall. It’s not merely about the muscles in our hands; it’s about the unyielding determination and the unwavering grit that emanate from within when our grip holds strong, embodying the unbreakable spirit that defines a SEAL.

Beyond the battlefield, grip strength transcends into everyday life, influencing various aspects of physical performance and overall health. It’s the linchpin of functional fitness, enhancing endurance during workouts and reducing the risk of injuries.

A sturdy grip isn’t just about opening stubborn jars; it’s about fortifying the body against strains, fostering better coordination, and underpinning optimal muscle engagement across the upper body. From lifting weights to maneuvering through mundane tasks, a steadfast grip is the silent force amplifying our capabilities, a testament to one’s prowess and resilience in the face of challenges, echoing the SEAL ethos of relentless perseverance in all endeavors.

What is the number one thing to fail on pull ups and dead lifts? It is hand strength. Train the weakest link and improve your lifts. Check out these tips to increase grip strength and start crushing workouts.

Variety in Exercises: Incorporate a mix of gripping exercises, including static holds, hangs, farmer’s walks, and wrist curls, to work different muscles in your hands and forearms.

Consistent Training: Regularly train your grip strength, dedicating specific sessions to improve it. Gradually increase intensity and resistance to challenge your muscles.

Utilize Grip Tools: Experiment with grip-enhancing tools like grippers, hand grippers, Fat Gripz, or grip balls to intensify your workouts and target specific muscle groups.

Focus on Forearm Muscles: Strengthen the muscles in your forearms through exercises such as wrist curls, reverse curls, and hammer curls to support grip strength.

Full Hand Engagement: Ensure that your grip training involves the entire hand, including fingers, thumbs, and palms, for comprehensive strength development.

Progressive Overload: Gradually increase resistance, weight, or duration in your exercises to progressively challenge and improve grip strength over time.

Mind-Muscle Connection: Concentrate on feeling the muscles engage during exercises, focusing on squeezing and holding, rather than rushing through movements.

Rest and Recovery: Allow adequate rest periods between training sessions to enable muscle recovery, crucial for muscle growth and strength development.

Proper Form: Maintain proper form and technique during exercises to prevent injury and maximize the effectiveness of your grip training.

Diverse Grip Positions: Incorporate exercises that challenge different grip positions – such as overhand, underhand, or neutral grips – to work various muscle groups and enhance overall grip strength.


This is one lift that will really expose your weakness on the grip strength. Train the deadlift with both hands facing towards yourself while holding the barbell.

Use a thicker axle bar if you have one. Don’t use chalk. This will force you to use your grip strength more and not rely on outside help. Go heavy and hold the weight at the top of the lift and count your hang time.

I like to use a fat bar. You can use a rubber grip like a Fat Gripz to make the bar larger and harder to hold on to.

Another option is to use a larger diameter bar—PVC pipe or an axle. The larger the bar the more your grip will be taxed. You will see your grip strength increase just by using this one tip.

If you dont have a barbell you can use dumbells or kettlebells.


Mix up your pull ups with a wide variety to include regular pull ups, chin ups, wide pull ups, mountain climbers, and towel pull ups.

Also try to do your pull ups on different sized bars (the bigger the better).

Try to find an I-beam or 4×4 piece of wood and hang from those. Your bar doesn’t have to be round.

One of the hardest workouts I have done is 100 pull ups for time on a 4×4 running parallel. My grip was maxed out. For Towel pull ups – I spoke with Torrie Griffin who played offensive lineman for the Tennessee Titans in 2001 and he explained that the coaches were very interested in building grip strength and one of their methods was to do towel pull-ups.

As you can imagine, a strong grip translates heavily to football in that you can hold on to a player tighter and move them wherever you want. Towel pull ups are one of many tips to increase grip strength.

Tip #3: Fat bar pull ups

An old rock climber tip is to do your pull ups on a 4 inch pipe. This is incredibly hard but it forces your hand to stay open and work all of your grip strength. The pull up bar in Navy SEAL training at BUD/S is 2 inches in diameter. Larger than the normal playground pull up bar. If you want to increase your grip strength to train on a pull up bar like this you need to do pull ups on a fat bar.

Grip Strength workout #1

For time
50 meter farmers walk (you pick the weight but go heavy)
15 pull up (use a fat 2 inch bar)
50 meter sled drags using a fat rope (you pick the weight)

Tip #4: Farmer’s Walk

Using heavy dumbbells or kettle bells just walk with the heavy weights.

You can also use smaller dumbbells and use a Fat Gripzto make the weight harder to hold which will build your forearms.

QUESTION: Will the Navy SEAL grinder pull ups Ebook help my grip?

ANSWER: Yes, check it out here.

Tip #5 Rock Climber’s Hang Board

A climbing hang board can be a great way to stretch out the hands and build up your hand strength.

Make sure you go easy when starting out on a hang board and don’t use holds that are too small.

Limit you time to a few hangs and don’t add weight unless you are an advanced climber.

QUESTION: Should I use fat grips or a fat bar to train for BUDS?

ANSWER: Yes, as you will use a fat bar for pull up training when you get to the grinder at BUDS Navy SEAL training.

TIP #6: Sandbag Workouts

Sand bags are awkward and hard to hold which make them great for building grip strength. Pick them up, carry them and feel the burn.

You can easily make a sandbag with a plastic bag and some duck tape. You can also you an old ruck sack (military back pack). Or you can spend $75 and buy a custom bag that will last a long time.

QUESTION: How much does grip strength improve pull-ups?

ANSWER: Often it is your hands that fail first on pull ups so your grip is important.

Workout #3
Steven Farmer climbers hangboard workout
Warmup fully for 5 minutes — then…
hang on half finger pad to near failure
6 to 8 seconds
5 pull ups on fat bar
3 minute rest is sit-ups 20 reps pushups 20 reps
do 5 full laps
then go to full finger pad
hang 6 to 8 seconds
5 pull ups on fat bar
3 minute rest with 15 sit-ups and 15 pushups
3 full laps
drink lots of water after this workout

Tip #7: Tennis ball / cannonball Grip

Hold on to these tennis ball shaped balls and do pull ups or just hang. They are also called “cannon balls“. If you don’t have the cannon ball you can make one by drilling out a baseball and running a wire rope or webbing through it.

These help you to create strength in your fingers, wrists, forearms and upper arms. The grip helps pinpoint weaker areas for grip strength. The more variety you create in how you pull yourself up, in both form and grip, the better your overall pull-up functioning becomes.

Simple rolls of the wrist using a light weight dumbell will build endurance strenght for the forearm muscle. This will allow you to hold on for a longer time period whether you are rock climbing or performing pull ups. You can also use a PVC pipe or broomstick tied to a weight which will quickly burn your forearms for an incredible pump. You can hold the pipe at your waist or hold it out in front of your shoulders.

Start with a light weight and roll up the pipe. Then slowly lower it back down in an eccentric motion. You will feel the burn right off the bat. Add more weight as your grip strength allows. You dont have to use much weight on this exercise. Maybe 5 or 10 pounds. Check out the video below.


As simple as it sounds it is very hard and will build your fingers like mad. You can start out with your hands in a bucket of sand to support your hands. As you get stronger you can slowly take sand more sand out of the bucket. Just putting you hands in sand and doing pushups will build your overall hand strength.

Grip Workout #3

10 minute as many rounds as possible

10 pull ups on fat bar

10 pushups

farmers walk 200 meters with 45 lb dumbells

Tip #10: Hand Grippers

Check out hand grippers like the Captains of Crush Hand Gripper – use the C of C’s to build superman hand strength.

The CFF Pitbull Gripper is also a good way to build bone crushing grip strength.

There are also bands that you can use in the opposite manner to expand your fingers and build strength.
TIP #11 Rubber Bands
Take the strong rubber bands off the broccoli that you get in the vegetable section.

Put that band around your fingers.

Now open you hand against the band. Close your hand and repeat.

If you find that one band is too easy then add another band. You can also check out Expand-Your-Hand Bands 10 Pack which is essentially a thick exercises rubber band.


Remember, consistency, patience, and proper technique are key to improving grip strength progressively over time. Tailor your training to suit your fitness level and gradually challenge yourself as you progress.


Brad McLeod is married with two kids and an all around average family guy. He grew up in Tallahassee, Florida and despite training all the wrong ways he made it to Navy SEAL training in Coronado, California.

He flunked out of Navy SEAL BUD/S training after making it over half way through (6 months of grueling training). After a year in the Fleet Navy on a ship, he came back to graduate and serve on SEAL Team Four.
His story is simple: Don’t ever quit on your dream! Put one foot in front of the other and fall forward.

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