Bar-Barians Workout

bar-barians workoutGet inspired as the Bar-Barians Workout and show you how to control your bodyweight and do some amazing workouts.

These guys are flat out amazing and inspiring to watch.

Can you build muscle by just using bodyweight workouts?

Check out the results of the Bar-Barians for proof.

Pretty sure you will get some ideas for your own workouts.


  1. 5 Muscle Ups
  2. 45 Dips
  3. 25 Pull-ups
  4. 55 Push Ups
  5. and 5 Muscle Ups, within 6 mins.

Question: What is a good weight vest to use for Bar-Barian workouts?

Check out the MiR MV 20LBS Adjustable Weighted Vest.

This vest will last a very long time.

You can buy a cheaper weight vest but it will fall apart. You get what you pay for.

Check out the SGPT Top 10 Weight Vest


do drop sets
50 dips – 1 minut rest -5 reps until 0
do 30 pull ups – 1 to 2 minute rest -5 reps until 0
do around 70 push ups – 1 minute rest – 5 reps until 0

Question: What is a good bodyweight workout book I can check out?

The book C-Mass: Calisthenics Mass: How to Maximize Muscle Growth Using Bodyweight-Only Training is very good for this style of training.

If you want to get max muscle growth and be able to move with ease on the pull up bar – check out this book.

Bar-Barians workout #2

set 1 = 50+ reps
set 2 = 46 reps
set 3 = 44 reps
set 4 = 40 reps
set 5 = 40 reps I would never go below 40 reps thats the minimum and i keep good form and 5 mins. rest each set.

Pull ups
set1= 30 + reps
set2 = 30 + reps
set3 = 28 reps
set4 = 27 reps
set5 = 25 reps don’t go below 25 reps for pull ups and 5 min rest


pick an exercise
Pyramids –
1 rep, 15 secs rest
2 reps, 15 secs rest
3 reps, 15 secs rest
4 reps, 15 secs rest
5 reps, 15 secs rest
4 reps, 15 secs rest
3 reps, 15 secs rest
2 reps, 15 secs rest
1 rep, 15 secs rest

Bar-Barians workout Requirements 2011

5 Muscle Ups
45 Dips
25 Pull Ups
55 Push Ups
5 Muscle Ups

Try this workout and see how you stack up. Post up your results in the comments below.

Questions from our athletes in the gym.

Question: What are some good bar-barians workout programs? Check out the workouts listed above as they are all very good.

Question: My grip is weak. What do you use to improve your grip?

I do bar hangs, carry stuff with a farmers walk and use Fat Gripz – The Ultimate Arm Builder

Question: What are the Bar-barians requirements? Check out the list above.

Question: Do you have any hannibal bar workouts? Yes; check out the videos and info above.

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